Say goodbye to your space problems with this 2TB SSD that Black Friday leaves at a demolition price on Amazon

SSDs are usually quite expensive, that’s why many people do not go beyond 1TB when buying a new unit, but what if for Black Friday there was one much cheaper than usual?

Surely you have ever found yourself in the following situation if you usually play on PC: you want to install a new game, but your SSD is about to run out, so you either have to give it up, or you have to uninstall another game. The third option is to install it on a hard drive, although that tends to greatly reduce performance.

Therefore, There is always a hunger for SSD deals, and on this Black Friday Amazon has wanted to put several at bargain pricesAlthough none of them are as cheap as this 2TB from Asenno that you can buy for 135 euros, yes, only if you are a member of Amazon Prime.

If you are not, there is no problem, since you can sign up for the free trial month before placing your order and thus access the discount that lowers it to leave it at the demolition price.

This unit It has already accumulated more than 3,000 user reviews who have been able to test it, mostly with very positive comments about read and write speed, stability and also reliability, the main problem in SSDs that are not from well-known brands.

Being 2.5 “you can easily install it on any computer, whether desktop or laptop. It will even work for PlayStation 4 or Xbox, but not for new generations, who already require somewhat faster discs.

With those 2TB you should be able to forget about space problems on your computer for a while, and without having to spend the more than € 200 that 2TB units usually cost, thanks to Black Friday.

Shipping will be free, since to take advantage of the discount you first have to sign up for Prime and users of this service never pay postage, a luxury.