Scarlet Witch and Vision is already the most popular series in the world

Scarlet Witch and Vision, the MCU’s first television series, has become the most popular series in the world.

Who would have thought a few years ago that Marvel was going to dare with a product as risky as Scarlet Witch and Vision, but of course, after saying goodbye to his first 10 years in the movies, It was time to reinvent himself and try new things.

And the truth is that their first television series within the UCM is not doing badly at all, as confirmed by a study published by Forbes, whose conclusion is that Scarlet Witch and Vision is already the most popular series in the world. Carried out by Parrot Analytics, the study has done “an intense sweep through social media, fan ratings, piracy and audience demand” before reaching this conclusion.

But without a doubt the most interesting thing about this investigation is the fact that in its third episode, Scarlet Witch and Vision only ranked second or third of the most popular series, and it was not until the broadcast of its fifth chapter, that one with a completely unexpected ending, when the series starring Wanda Maximoff reached the first position where it is currently.

Before Scarlet Witch and Vision, It was The Mandalorian who held the position of the most popular series, something that the study relates to the way of broadcasting the Disney + episodes that allows fans to get hooked as they are released, unlike the Netflix series, which, being available in full, make their popularity more frugal by having the possibility of doing a marathon with the entire season.