Schemer, Google’s social network about activities

Google wants to get fully involved in the field of social networks as well as it is doing with Google+, a product to which it is focusing its biggest news and almost all of the attention it receives from the Mountain View company. But he wants to be cautious with the most groundbreaking news, and proof of this is Schemer, a social network based on geolocated activities.

Schemer is based on the activities one wants or has done and his eagerness to share it with the rest of the world to connect with diverse people with similar interests or activities. The news comes with some users who have received an invitation to the service and therefore the application has reached the Android Market. If you want to download the application, you can download it from here, although we advise that requires an invitation.


At first, the application does not have much mystery in itself, it simply appears a list of activities that other people want to do or have done and We can check if we have done them or if on the contrary we want to do some activities. The network contacts will be the same as in Google+ and as we mark things on the web they will suggest other contacts in case we want to add them.

At first it is not a big deal, but it can have a lot of push in order to make offers or do the social monitoring of some activity and we will be aware of any news that it may bring.

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