Sea of ​​Thieves will enter its Season 7 and yet there is no lack of ideas to renew. From August 4, the start date of the festivities on PC and Xbox, it will indeed be possible to buy our own ship for 250,000, 375,000 or 500,000 gold depending on the model (you can buy all three if you wish). Each can then be customized, from name to cabins to coat of arms, and we can save that look to reuse in your next session. Aesthetic damage can be corrected at La Charpentière, again for a few coins. The most invested will be able to unlock more customization options with Milestones, a new progression system following the achievements associated with our ship.

Season 7 does more than just that, as it also introduces Captain’s Voyages, customizable objectives to choose a series of activities to chain, to vary the challenges and the rewards. To simplify our lives, the outposts will otherwise accommodate the Barons, NPCs to whom we can deliver our lootthe treasures can be brought more easily to our ship thanks to the harpoon, the Carpenters can help us store resources on our ship, a logbook will follow the activities related to our session (and can be stolen and sold for gold and reputation), a Plunder Pass and Emissary rewards can be unlockedand cosmetic bundles will join the shop.


The wait is soon coming to an end: Season 7 is coming to Sea of ​​Thieves in a few hours, as of this writing. A few days before the launch of this brand new season, the developers at Rare have shared a video presenting the new features to come.

With Season 7, players will be able to buy their own ship, in exchange for gold coins. According to the latest information shared, the Sloop will cost 250,000 gold while the price of the Galleon will be 500,000. The Brigantine can be purchased for 375,000 gold. As expected, it will be possible to name your ship. Additionally, players will have the ability to customize the captain’s cabin, by obtaining various cosmetic elements (furniture, carpets, beds, decorations, trophies, etc.). These changes can be saved. Moreover, in the cabin, we can find a logbook, archiving the actions and adventures of the crew.

Additionally, Season 7 will introduce a new progression system : Milestones, allowing you to follow your exploits and collect so-called “unique” rewards. Without forgetting, captain’s voyages, are new activities available from all companies. This season will also allow you to discover a new group, called “The Barons”, at the outposts: we can bring them all the loot collected during quests. Via the carpenter, who is a new NPC, we will be able to store various items, renovate our ship and buy captain’s trips.

Finally, note that more than 100 new rewards (outfits, scars, etc.) can be obtained by performing different actions. Season 7 also brings a new Plunder Pass, containing cosmetics and 250 Ancient Parts. The Pirate Emporium will offer new items for sale. The “Promising Portrait” emote will be free for all players.

Sea of ​​Thieves: Season 7

Rare aired yesterday a new trailer for Season 7 of Sea of ​​Thieves which starts very soon. In this trailer, various novelties are highlighted, starting with the possibility of buying, naming and customizing your ship, allowing the player to become a real captain. The possibilities of personalization are numerous and there, and to be able to get them, you will “simply” have to take out the change or go and get some if your coffers are empty. Another small novelty, you will be able to keep the look of your ship during the next game. This will, in particular, keep the traces of battle on the hull. Of course, erasing everything will also be possible, with a small amount of gold coins.

Season 7 will also have some surprises in store, such as a new progression system called Milestones which will record all the successes achieved during your journey and which, above all, will offer rewards for your character or your ship. Finally, many costumes, emotes and personalization elements will be there and can be unlocked. Something to survey the Caribbean seas once again…

As a reminder, Sea of ​​Thieves Season 7 premieres August 4thon Xbox One, Xbox Series and in the Xbox Game Pass, of course.