Strangely, it looks exactly like the QuietComfort 45, both in terms of design and functionality.

The sound specialist Bose formalized last week a new pair of wireless headphones, the QuietComfort Earbuds II. On the headphone side, the last born called QuietComfort 45 dates back almost a year, and no new reference has since been unveiled. The manufacturer should soon enrich its range with an SE model, strongly inspired by the 45.

No announcement with great fanfare was organised. Only a dedicated support page has been added to its website and provides some photos and videos of getting started with the QuietComfort SE. The real launch could therefore take place soon, knowing that this helmet is not yet available for sale.

Active noise reduction as a central asset

It would thus be equipped with the same ANC as the QuietComfort 45, with an Aware mode to be aware of its environment.

It would also support Bluetooth 5.1, although it can also be used wired in the event of battery failure. Moreover, like its counterpart, the QuitComfort SE should offer an autonomy of 24 hours, knowing that a full charge would require 2h30 in USB-C.

Finally, it would be compatible with the Bose companion application, essential for adjusting the equalizer in particular.

New reference or renamed helmet?

The QuietComfort SE’s feature set would therefore be identical to that of the 45 model. The two variants would also share the same design. A priori, the only change really made would reside in the carrying case, which would then be flexible and no longer rigid.

Remember, however, that if this new reference appears on the official website of the manufacturer, the latter has not yet confirmed the technical characteristics or even the price of its latest generation helmet. Some details could potentially be different. Otherwise, it will be a renamed model for certain markets.

We will therefore have to wait a little longer until Bose actually launches its QuietComfort SE and opens it for sale.

QuietComfort SE: but what is Bose playing with this umpteenth copy of its QC 35II?

The manufacturer is preparing to launch a new Wireless Headset noise reduction, nearly true copy of sound Bose QC 45.

Without trumpets or fanfare, Bose announced the release of new headphones that will be added to its range of noise reduction models.

A new headset unveiled by a support page

Point of grandiloquent announcement, Bose has simply published a support sheet on its website offering user manuals and user tips for this Bose QuietComfort SE which is not yet offered for sale.

An unboxing video is also present on the manufacturer’s official website as well as on YouTube where it seems to have been published on the sly.

At first glance, the headphones are a perfect copy of the Bose QC45 that we tested almost a year ago and which convinced us despite a design that did not evolve and very minor changes compared to the QC35.

The novelty is in the carrying case

The Bose QC SE support page tells us more about the technical data sheet of this new headset and again, the similarities with the QC 45 are very numerous.

The model will obviously offer an active noise reduction mode to eliminate ambient sounds. Bose announces an autonomy of 24 hours, with a full recharge in two and a half hours and three hours of listening recovered after 15 minutes spent on a mains socket. A USB-C port is present on the back of the headset and a Bluetooth 5.1 chip will be there for wireless connection to your devices. A 3.5 mm jack port is also included.

The only real noticeable difference would be to look for the side of the carrying case. Where the QC45 offers a hard and more shock-resistant case, the Quiet Comfort SE would only offer a soft case, probably cheaper to manufacture but also less premium and more sensitive to knocks.

If the release date and the final price have not yet been officially announced by Bose, the various merchant sites are already counting on a price of 349 euros. The Bose QC 45 is trading around 270 euros at most online sales brands.

Bose QuietComfort SE: A new headset almost identical to the QC 45 but more expensive

The new Bose QuietComfort SE uses the same design as the QC 45. You will find the classic headbands and large ear cups with the buttons and the USB-C port kept in the same place. Plus, the earbuds can rotate and fold flat for easy storage in the included carrying pouch.

It’s unclear if Bose has integrated a new audio chip or added codecs. What we do know, however, is that the 24-hour battery life and 2.5-hour charging time remain unchanged from the previous model. Bose sells its headphones with a USB cable as well as a 3.5 mm to 2.5 mm jack adapter for wired listening. You can also listen to your music wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth 5.1.

Active noise reduction is present with Quiet and Aware modes. The latter function allows ambient noise through, like the cheaper Soundcore Space Q45 we reviewed. Pairing the headphones is done via Bose’s mobile app which also offers EQ customization.

The Bose QC SE brings down the price of the QC 45

The QuietComfort SE will be sold in France for 349 euros, the same price as the QC 45 when it was launched last year. Surprisingly, the Bose QuietComfort 45 saw its price drop on Amazon. It really intrigues us to know what could be the difference between two models of ANC headphones.