‘Security group’ hacks Twitter account Sony CEO Yoshida

Sony CEO Shuhei Yoshida’s Twitter account has been hacked. The hacker group OurMine is responsible for this.

Yoshida is president of Sony Worldwide Studio. Since OurMine’s message that the group has hacked the Japanese’s account, it has been making alternate calls to visit his website, news reports about his own promotion and promotion for Microsoft. According to OurMine, the Sony CEO will regain ownership of his account as soon as he hires those responsible.

OurMine says it consists of three American teenagers. Hacking accounts and then pressuring the owners is a common approach for them. Earlier this month, they took possession of the accounts of Sunder Pichai and Jack Dorsey. They work for Quora and Vine respectively.

Ourmine made headlines earlier this week when it claimed to be responsible for server problems surrounding Pokemon GO. The group claims to be behind multiple DDoS attacks on developer Niantic Labs’ servers last weekend. The same weekend, hacker group Poodle Corp also claimed responsibility for the attack.

Niantic itself does not comment on the matter. It is therefore unclear whether an attack actually took place. The server problems may have been a result of Pokemon GO’s popularity. Read more about how to fix Pokemon GO server errors here.