The calm waters in which the game world floated around for a while slowly turns into a babbling brook. And Sony? He tries to shout from the PS5 rumor mill that the PlayStation 4 has not been forgotten. How, you can read that in the W8!

It’s January 4th. That is the day the Burj Khalifa was opened in 2010, the tallest building in the world (828 meters). It is also the day the very first episode of Sesame Street aired in 1976. But the best part is January 4, 1863, when roller skate was invented by James L. Plimpton. Yes, how are we going to get over that?

New trailer Travis Strikes Again is logically called Life is Destroy

Suda51’s birthday was yesterday and apparently he enjoyed treating all gamers to a Travis Strikes Again trailer. Brand new, fresh off the press and hot off the press, here’s the Life is Destroy trailer for Travis Strikes Again, due out on Switch later this month.

Rebellion buys TickTock Games

Rebellion, known for Sniper Elite 4, has acquired developer TickTock. It now continues as Rebellion North. The two studios have already proven that they can work well together. Together they made Battlezone Gold Edition and Rogue Trooper Redux. It is not yet clear which projects the studio will take on. In any case, there are several unannounced titles in the pipeline. You Wacht recently played Rebellion’s Strange Brigade, which was quite entertaining but nothing more.

Sony gets you excited about “upcoming attractions” on PlayStation 4

As a marketing employee you are now and then completely fed up with the word games. Then you want to use a synonym. Now in the Netherlands we can just say game, but if you have studied marketing, then you want to use a more spectacular word: attractions! Well, if you see the trailer about these upcoming things, then you understand why that word was chosen. The hype is real …

Sega teases something with a sheep

Sorry, this couldn’t be more exciting: on Bayonetta’s Steam page, SEGA has teased something that goes by the name of Baa. It is a picture of a white sheep sticking out its tongue as shown below. There is already a lot of speculation, especially towards Catherine. Will there be a postage? We will undoubtedly hear it soon.

Harley Quinn in new trailer The LEGO Movie 2

That’s a suicide mission! Yep, they really are: Harley Quinn is in the new trailer for The LEGO Movie 2. Check out the slightly bland but so charming trailer below:

Double the number of people with PC VR in 2018

Steam’s monthly hardware survey shows that the use of VR glasses on PC has doubled in 2018. That sounds great, but secretly it is not even 1 percent of the Steam users. Yup, it has grown from 0.4 percent to 0.8 percent. That is a lot less impressive. This is also due to the strange rules with that survey: you had to have your headset plugged in at the time of the survey. Nevertheless, 720,000 users completed the questionnaire. By the way, the most popular VR game on Steam last year was Beat Saber, with more than 100,000 sales in a month.

Out now on Switch: Pang Adventures

If you don’t like all those modern ways of gaming, then Pang Adventures will probably appeal to you. It’s a fun game with a retro feel and a nervous soundtrack.

Mads Mikkelsen has to suffer in Arctic trailer

Your Guard will be heading to Finland soon, so she may need to check out Arctic for when she’s dodging a reindeer snowboarding off the slopes and chopping SOS into a frozen lake. Mads Mikkelsen experienced that in one of the coldest areas on earth. At least, that probably didn’t happen while snowboarding. Looks like that plane has something to do with it, but we’ll see that on March 14 when the flick hits theaters.

DC has a sweet tribute to Marvel legend Stan Lee

Perhaps you are now hard working on your New Year’s resolutions and you are gradually starting to hate the world. Don’t, there are so many beautiful things. DC Comics, for example, dedicates a beautiful page to the message below in all the comics that appear this week. Aaaw….

A Batwoman series is coming

The CW does make sense of the female answer to Batman, as it has ordered a pilot for Batwoman. Caroline Dries (The Vampire Diaries) wrote the screenplay and it centers around Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) who plays Batwoman, a lesbian street fighter who wants to give criminals a taste of their own medicine. Before she becomes a heroine, however, she must first face her own demons before she can be Gotham’s symbol of hope, as the pilot is described. Sounds exciting.

This WachtWoman is going to exchange her keyboard for her duvet. Just one more day and then it’s weekend again, do your best and have a very nice day today!

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