Senuti 0.5, import music from your iPod to your Mac

They have recently updated Senuti, a utility for Mac OS X that import the music (as we have it) from our iPod to our iTunes library.

In particular, I have been using it for a long time and it is going really well, although right now for my iPod touch it does not go very well because new iPods should not be supportedOn the other hand, for my 4th generation iPod it works perfectly. We hope that in later versions it can be accessed, because the truth is that it works quite well to copy music that we have downloaded to the iPod on other computers than ours or to copy music from other iPods of friends / acquaintances to our Mac.

In this new version there has been a very noticeable interface change, they have already forgotten (already touched) the brushed interface that they had in previous versions (emulating the first versions of iTunes), in this new interface you will see that the design is quite neat and all the options are fairly easy to access. Incorporates a track inspector that will show us details of the selected track in a HUD dialog of these semitransparents in black and in short, that the application oozes style on all four sides.

Special mention the icon, they have revamped the icon towards something between the pathetic and the nauseating, so if you update it first rename your current Senuti, install version 0.5 and then copy the old icon (the one that illustrates the post) over the new one (with cmd + i over the old one, marking the icon in the upper left part of the inspection dialog and copying it with cmd + c, and with cmd + i in the new icon of the new application, cmd + i again and pasting cmd + v in the icon in the upper left part of the inspector) and santaspascuas, you can delete the old version. Let’s hope that the icon changes to something more attractive or at least that they go back to the previous version that was really good.

As a curiosity note that Senuti is the word iTunes written backwards, which seems like a success for this type of application. It can be donated to the author so that they continue to maintain the application under the GNU license and a license can also be acquired, if at some time the author decides to charge for the application so that we have updates for life.