Seven resources to get the most out of macOS Big Sur

The new great generation of the operating system that brings Mac to life has been around for several weeks now. Undoubtedly, the changes that Apple has introduced in Big Sur allow us to be more productive and faster, as well as customize the operation of our Mac and, While many resources are easy to find, there are some that require a little more attention, let’s collect seven of them.

1. Playback controls in the menu bar

With macOS Big Sur we can control content playback directly from the menu bar. All we have to do is touch the Control Center button and we will find the playback information at the bottom. From here we can see what is playing, pause it or go to the next song. If we also click on this mini-player, the system shows us the different reproductions and allows us to interact with them.

2. Search open tabs

In Big Sur Safari we can search among the windows that we have open to locate the one that interests us. Just touch the icon to show all tabs on the right side of the bar to find the search box in the upper right corner.

3. Window tinting

Now we can enable or disable the tinting of the windows. With tinting activated, several semi-transparent parts of windows and other elements of the interface are slightly tinted with the color of our wallpaper. We can activate or deactivate this option in System Preferences> General> Allow tinting of the wallpaper in windows.

4. Preview of tabs in Safari

Okay, this is a resource that is very visible, but given its usefulness we wanted to include it. In Safari with macOS Big Sur, when we have several tabs open, it is enough that let us rest the mouse on them for a second to see a preview of their content.

5. Safari Privacy Report

In Big Sur Safari, it even more efficiently blocks trackers that try to follow us on the web when we surf. We can see the effectiveness of these blocks in the Safari privacy report. To access it, just touch the icon in the shape of a shield that appears on the left side of the universal search field. With a first touch we see the blocks on the website we are visiting, to see the statistics we simply touch the “i” in the upper right.

6. Keyboard shortcuts in Reminders

Now in the Reminders app we can use keyboard shortcuts to move between the different sections. Thus, Command (⌘) + 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 corresponds to Today, Scheduled, All, Marked and Assigned, respectively.

7. Improve voice memos automatically

Now the Voice Notes app on our Mac allows us to improve the sound quality of a recording just as we would with a photo: by touching the magic wand. Just open the app, choose a voice note in the left sidebar and touch the wand-shaped button in the upper right. Magic.

Without a doubt, small details that make the experience of using our Macs go a little further. It is clear that we all have our workflows and that Apple adds more options and resources with which to move through them is always welcome.