Pearl abyss announce today that Shadow Arena has changed its main game mode from 1 vs 40 (Battle Royale) to a “Trio Mode” based on teams (usually 4 teams of 3 people). The change comes after a thorough review of player feedback during Early Access, giving developers the opportunity to give players exactly what they are asking for: a more strategic and cooperative game.

In other words, the addition of Trio Mode, in which four teams of three players fight each other, has become the preferred mode for players. In this mode it is based on fighting team battles (usually four) made up of three components. Where each teammate has a clearly defined role.

Additionally, Pearl Abyss has defined different hero roles in teams: each Shadow Arena hero is now divided into three distinct categories, with specific team roles that facilitate team play, strategy, and a cooperative approach.

Hero roles in Shadow Arena

  • Brawler. He has great life and defense skills, and uses strong crowd control and running skills to be the leader in battles, although he has a limited range. The heroes in this category are Schjultz, Goyen, and Jordine Ducas.
  • Dealer. A fast class with high mobility that has damage abilities but, on the contrary, they have little health and defense. This category includes Yeonhwa, Haru, Orowen, and Ahon.
  • Support. He focuses on the buffs and healing of party members, but is a fairly weak one-on-one combatant. This category includes Herawen.

In addition to the new gameplay and roles, the Shadow Arena development team has also added new features to rebalance and streamline the game to be more strategic and cooperative.

New features include:

  • New abilities of the Dark Spirit. Mecha (a firearm) and Hand of Healing (a healing ability), are available as new Dark Spirit abilities.
  • New game store, where players exchange coins collected from monsters they defeat for items. This increases the team’s stats.
  • New function added to results screen which allows players to view a team breakdown, stats, and damage dealt by their team members and enemy teams.
  • Addressed issues where the attack and special effects obstructed the player’s view. These images have been dimmed and the viewing angle widened to increase player visibility.

The original game modes of Shadow Arena like Battle Royale are still available to players who want, but only through private matches.