Shadow Arena: The closed beta of the Black Desert Online battle royale spin-off is about to start on PC

Pearl Abyss announced that its new Black Desert Online spin-off, Shadow Arena, will have a closed beta session for PC starting in February 27.

Shadow Arena closed beta entries are now online and PC players will find out if they are eligible to participate by February 25. The closed beta will take place from February 27 to March 8 and you’ll be able to try nine new characters from the Black Desert Online universe.

Shadow Arena is a PvPvE battle royale, where 40 players battle to be the last one standing. You will also have to fight monsters to find loot and search for hidden chests all over the map to upgrade equipment and powers during matches.

You can play Shadow Arena alone or as part of a team. Unfortunately, the Shadow Arena beta is for PC players only. A beta for the console versions will arrive later this year.

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Source: VG247.