Shadow of the Colossus – How to perform tricks with Agro and unlock the Trick Rider Trophy

Learn the various tricks you can perform with Agro in Shadow of the Colossus will give you the possibility to get the most out of your ride.

Are you tired of the time it takes Agro to start the race or to brake? So learning the button commands listed below can prove to be quite useful. By performing the following, you will unlock the Trophy Trick Rider.

If you need more help, our main Shadow of the Colossus guide will provide you with useful tips on how to kill each Colossus.

Shadow of the Colossus – list of Agro tricks

Follow the information about all the tricks that Agro can perform. Note that many of these “tricks” consist of extremely useful maneuvers – such as starting and braking – although it is always good to stroke Agro from time to time.

Quick start

With Agro motionless, pull the left stick down and press triangle at the same time to start a run.

Fast braking

While you are running, pull the left stick back and press the triangle at the same time.

Fast turn

While you are running, pull the left stick back and press Triangle twice, causing Agro to curve at a 180 degree angle. This is probably the most complex trick on the list as you can accidentally perform quick braking.

You will know automatically if you did it correctly since the curve is quite dramatic.

Jumping from an elevated zone

If you approach a small elevation that Agro is capable of jumping at full speed, then it will automatically do so. There is an example of this right in front of the central temple, as it is the perfect place to perform this maneuver.

Standing on Agro’s back

When you’re on the move, keep R2 pressed (grab) and pull the left stick up in order to position yourself on top of Agro’s back. You can do this trick at a slower speed, if it helps you.

Lean on the flank of Agro

When you’re on the move, hold R2 (handle), press X and pull the left stick to the left or right to lean to one side of Agro. Note that you have to do this trick to both sides if you want the Trick Rider Trophy.

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Position yourself next to Agro and press Quadrado to caress him. Make sure you don’t have your sword equipped (press the top button on the D-Pad) and place yourself in the center for it to work. You can also perform this trick while sitting on the horse. Any of them will unlock the trophy.

Important Shadow of the Colossus tip! Remember to pet Agro from time to time by pressing the Square button whether standing or sitting?

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How to get the Trick Rider trophy in Shadow of the Colossus

To obtain the Trick Rider Trophy, you will need to perform all the tricks we have listed above once (in case you lean on the horse’s flanks, twice).

If you do not unlock, those you will probably have to repeat are to lean on your mount (do not forget, on both sides), jump on an elevation (it will have to be a jump at full speed) and the fast turn (which should not be confused with rapid braking).

If it doesn’t work, try also to jump from Agro at full speed by pressing the X button. We are not sure if this maneuver counts as a “trick”, as it is something that you must have done countless times throughout your journey but, for safety , we advise you to try it out.