A small piece of Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay has been leaked on Reddit. A few hours ago, user AffrXO posted 24 seconds of gameplay from Rockstar’s western blockbuster that finally hits stores on Friday. The video shows a short but powerful stand-off between protagonist Arthur and a group of other gentlemen.

With the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on Friday, it is of course still out of the question that people throw gameplay online from the Wild West of Rockstar, but on Reddit a small piece of gameplay has appeared. In 24 seconds, a stand-off is visible between Arthur Morgan and a group of law enforcement officers:

The player quickly deals with the foursome, but the question is also how quickly Rockstar will deal with user AffrXO. The editorial office foresees a world of pain and a shitload of legal barrage for the Reddit user, because Rockstar will definitely not be happy about this … Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released this Friday on October 26 for PS4 and Xbox One. Check out Dennis’s Red Dead Redemption 2 preview here and watch last week’s launch trailer here. Here you can check out another official Rockstar gameplay video.