Silver Surfer admits 18 years later he was Pepsi Man

Years later, Silver Surfer admits to secretly working for the Pepsi company

18 years ago the birth of the now well known worldwide and considered GOTY of the year 1999 “Pepsiman, the video game”, a video game that starred Pepsiman.

Very recently, he gave us an interview; After a year ago he refused to be interviewed for his participation in the short film by famous director mowtendoo, nominated for an Oscar and winner of last year’s lepe film festival.

To our surprise, he came with a purely silver suit, without logos or any presence of other colors, so at the beginning of the interview, he himself took us out of doubts (here the transcribed interview):

-Please! first of all, let me clarify one thing, “pepsiman” is just an alter ego born from a business relationship with said company, as you can see I am just a humble silver man who before tried to make his first steps in the world of cinema and video games with little success …

+ Are you implying that you are a Silver Surfer?

“Call me by my name, Placótade Jones;” but yeah, I did play that other character for the unsuccessful NES game.

+ Where did your new character come from, with whom you did obtain success and recognition?

-Well, as you well know; I starred in a NES video game that turned out to be an absolute failure due to its poor design and unfair difficulty due to those glitches. After this, both the company and my professional future seemed finished; until they called me to make a sequel to a movie that I later found out had also been branded as bad and therefore only served to sink me further into misery.
Well, the pepsi company needed someone to advertise for it, and I was willing to accept any conditions and pay, so that’s how it all started, I guess.

+ How did you go from making a simple ad to starring in a video game again, having the fame that preceded you?

-If you have seen the advertisements, you will see that the company, despite giving me a new appearance like bronzes, makes a new contribution, that is, based on a gigantic watermark; they wanted me to keep my surfer style and quite clumsy, which was according to them my corporate image and what I did best.
So I went through all the phases that a popular product goes through, dolls, T-shirts, etc.
Until at one point SEGA called me to make a cameo in one of their games, Fighting Vipers or I don’t know what it is, as a joke; but the fans liked the idea so much that they started asking for a video game of my character. And apparently some Pepsi worker was the brother-in-law of someone important to SONY, so they got down to work and … well, the rest, as they say, is history.

+ Was the great success you expected expected?

-The truth is that I never thought that the Pepsiman character would end up being more loved and memorable than the one created by Marvel, but I’m also happy, because at least the Pepsi characters weren’t so demanding or paid me so little.
I appeared in more than one later game as a silver surfer, but I did it more as a favor for giving me the initial push into this world than for the money itself.

+ So you’ve never stopped working as either character?

-No, and the truth is that I have been more active as a silver surfer in the world of video games, appearing in the odd PS2 game, later in all the next generation, and the last time in a PS4 game, although only as a dubbing actor, because they wanted to give the appearance of a lego although I will never understand that taste for lego versions …

+ Do people stop you on the street? Do you ever leave the house in your Pepsi suit?

-No. And again, I’m afraid not, I like to lead a quiet life and go down the street without attracting attention; well, all you can avoid getting attention is silver, of course.
But anyway, the only one who sees me today dressed as Pepsiman is my own wife … you know, couple things * then we could see how there was movement where the eyebrows are supposed to be *

+ Wow, you are married; Do we know his wife?

-Once he wanted to appear in a commercial for pepsi in my place, but he was so embarrassed that he has not wanted to approach a camera again. She is quite shy despite working as a salesperson for the company. This is how I met her.

+ Well, a pleasure to have interviewed you. Before we say goodbye, anything to add? Maybe predict the return of Pepsiman to our screens, consoles and hearts?

-I can not assure anything, but after the return of Crash and following that same line, maybe he will return with a remake or updated sequel. Anything can happen before a remake of F-zero!

And so this interview concludes, we hope to see you again.
On the part of the server, I plan to replay this summer the refreshing adventure of said little character. I recommend emulating it to those who have not tried it, which at least serves to hang out and have a laugh.