If Dengar ever gets a role in the live-action Star Wars series, Simon Pegg wants to be there to bring him to life.

Simon Pegg may be familiar to anyone from Mission: Impossible, Dawn of the Dead Corpses, or Iron Coats. By the way, the actor has already got a job in the Star Wars universe, but we’ve never seen him before: he played Hungarian Pluto in The Awakening Force, and he gave his voice to Dengar in The War of the Clones series and the Battlefront video game.

As The Mandalorian spectacularly expands its cast, Pegg got a nail in his head at the thought of getting into the party, this time actually in Dengar’s skin. He put it this way:

“I mentioned it a few times because if Taika and Favreau decide to drag Dengar into The Mandalorian, I’m there who already has some experience with it, thanks to Star Wars: Battlefront and The Clone War. I’m just saying. I heard Katee Sackhoff will also play a character who wasn’t in the movies, but he already had experience with the character in connection with other Star Wars projects, I’m just saying. “

Dengart so far We could certainly see the Empire in retaliation among the live-action Star Wars products, but according to one theory, it was also featured in the Skywalker era. The world of the Mandalorian would provide a great opportunity for this to reappear.