SiN: full remake of the game is in production with 3D Realms

Image: Hey Poor Player

In some news like “that name I haven’t heard in a long time”, it was announced last week that a remastering of the PC shooter, SiN, was in progress. This announcement came in conjunction with the launch of SiN: Gold, which saw the return of the game and its expansion to computers. But it looks like there are much bigger things going on for the title, as a full remake is also on the way.

3D Realms Vice President Frederik Schreiber revealed that not only is a remastering of the famous shooting game underway, but also a complete remake. Nightdive Studios is working on the remastering, and it looks like 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks will also be involved in the remake.

Oh did I mention that we’re doing a proper Sin Remake with Nightdive?

In case you missed it @pripyatbeast spilled the beans a few days ago! @ 3DRealms / @NightdiveStudio / @SlipgateIron

– Frederik Schreiber (@Freschism) March 22, 2020

While Schreiber does not reveal additional details, he shared some screenshots of a canceled SiN sequence some time ago. SiN 2 was in development in 2003, however, it never saw the light of day.

Today we showed off a bunch of prototypes from @SlipgateIron from the past few years (And one really old one from Ritual!) Motherflakker (“Ion Fury 2001”), Techno Cop, Rad Rodgers 2, Bombshell (“Time to Kill”) and SiN 2 (2003)

Watch the full segment here!

– 3D Realms (@ 3DRealms) March 21, 2020

If you don’t know SiN, the game suffered several delays and was released next to the legendary Half-Life, both leading to underperforming performance. It was an interesting title that had a cyberpunk setting and several innovations in FPS gameplay, and has lived as a cult classic since its original release in 1998. The game is also a product of its time and has a 90s vibe. It will be interesting see what a complete remake of the title will look like. If you are curious about the original, SiN: Gold is now available for PC.