Slay the Spire has sold 1.5 million copies

Slay the Spire has sold 1.5 million copies since its Early Access release in November 2017.

At Gamasutra they attended a post-mortem on the card roguelike, which came out of Early Access two months ago (and took a Must-Have in the review).

As Casey Yano of the MegaCrit study commented, the start was especially tough. In its first three days on sale they only moved 800 copies and almost all the keys that they sent to the media and youtubers were not claimed.

They were saved by a Chinese streamer who launched the popularity of the title, especially in his native country. As of today, 30% of Slay the Spire’s sales come from China.

As of April 2018, still in Early Access, the game had already reached 700,000 copies sold. In the last year they have more than doubled that number to one and a half million copies.

Slay the Spire is available on PC. An undated port to Nintendo Switch is announced.