WhatsApp is already preparing a function so that it is possible to leave a group without the knowledge of the participants. That’s how it will work.

If you ever wanted to make a smoke bomb and be able to escape from a group without losing face with its participants, this new tool is specially designed for you. It is a reality that the intensity of some group chat can be overwhelming at times, but the fear that it will become rude prevents us from leaving it calmly. Let’s find out more details on how this future option of the most popular messaging platform will work.

This is how silent exit from a WhatsApp group will work

Groups are a very important part of WhatsApp, so it’s normal that its developers focus a lot of their attention on them. The platform is developing a function allowing users to silently leave a group.

As we can see in the capture published by said means, when leaving a group we will see a message that will inform us that only the administrators of the group will be informed of our departure. This way, it looks like the usual message won’t show up in the chat that says we’ve left the group and makes it easier for all of its members to find out that we’re no longer there.

Admins will continue to know who leaves the group, because they are the ones who find out about everything that happens there. However, other users will not be able to tell unless they view the participant list. If you’ve always dreamed of being able to escape from a group, you will soon have a long-awaited possibility.

At the moment, this function is in the testing phase in the beta version of WhatsApp Desktop. If everything goes well, the most normal thing is that it will reach all versions of WhatsApp in the future, also for Android and iOS devices. It should be remembered that WhatsApp is preparing other functions to encourage groups, such as the integration of polls for users to vote on a question and see the results.

WhatsApp enriches one of its oldest features to make it more useful

WhatsApp keeps getting better with new features regularly

After arousing indignation in full confinement following a modification of its conditions of use, and more particularly a somewhat obscure consent on data protection, Meta finally backtracked and everything ended up being back to normal. .

In the end, the promised exodus to Signal or Telegram never really happened and WhatsApp seems to be doing better than ever.

Since then, the Meta group has embarked on a major seduction operation aimed at reassuring its users to continue to establish itself as THE benchmark for instant messaging applications. It’s very simple, not a week goes by without an announcement concerning a new feature or an improvement to the application.

The enriched statutes at the heart of a next update?

For those who knew Facebook in its infancy, we communicated with our friends or our community in the form of statuses. “Ludovic ate ​​in a great restaurant”, “Ludovic is fed up with the rain”, “Ludovic feels sad”… If you have had an account since the start of the social network, the statuses from 12 years ago are enough pity it must be admitted.

Since then, if most social networks or messaging applications obviously always offer to put a personalized status, it must be recognized that the functionality is not used very much.

To give some credit back to this function, the status has gradually turned into a “story”, as we can see on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and even WhatsApp but in a fairly basic way.

WhatsApp now lets you leave a group in ninja mode

When a user leaves a conversation on WhatsApp, the whole group is notified via a notification that appears in the chat. This is painful both for members of large groups who are sometimes spammed, but also for those who want to remain discreet when leaving. Not everyone needs to know you’re packing up!


Soon, it will be possible to leave a group without notifying other members. Only administrators will be notified. A good thing. Remember that WhatsApp allows up to 256 people in a group. Large-scale discussions are therefore often spammed with messages such as “Jean-Michel has left the conversation”.

Previews when you post a link. Today, only the URL appears in the conversation, so you have to click to find out more or try to guess with the text. From now on, users will be able to have a small preview, like an image, to know where they are redirected. Something that already exists on other messaging services, such as Messenger or Discord, but was sorely lacking in WhatsApp.

When will these two features be available? That’s the big question. WhatsApp never communicates on the future novelties to come, but they should appear one day or another in an update.

A short time ago, these were the reactions to the messages that arrived on the service. Long awaited, they have long been in beta, but now everyone can have access to them. WhatsApp therefore continues to improve in small steps to try to satisfy users who are increasingly tempted by the competition.

Leaving a WhatsApp group may soon become less awkward

L’instant messaging app will review its way of leaving a group. In effect, WhatsApp will allow you to get angry with just one person rather than everyone.

It is sometimes convenient to sneak away from a party, but this escape strategy is not applicable in WhatsApp: when you decide to leave a group, the application takes care of notifying everyone of your departure, story that it does not go unnoticed. In order not to offend the followers of the so-called “hidden” retreat, WhatsApp could soon allow a little more discretion.

A feature tested on WhatsApp Desktop for now

If you use WhatsApp, you know that groups are very convenient and creating them is a breeze. Alas, in this virtual world, invitation equals participation. Anyone added to a group is automatically added. Result, the one who did not ask for anything can be integrated from the start: he will then have to assume, even justify, his possible departure.

WhatsApp should soon allow you to leave groups discreetly

WhatsApp wants to allow users to quietly exit a group chat

Leaving a group chat is never easy. At issue: the notification sent to all participants, informing them of this process. WhatsApp would however be able to offer a solution to this problem. Indeed, the group’s instant messaging application Meta is reportedly working on the ability to exit a group chat discreetly.

It will soon be possible to leave a multi-party conversation without all participants being informed. As shown in the screenshot above, only the admin would be notified when a member leaves a group chat.

WhatsApp promotes group chats

Recently, WhatsApp is increasing the deployment of features for group discussions on its platform. This is particularly the case for Communities, but also for emoji reactions that facilitate communication in multi-group conversations. The messaging app has also rolled out the ability to add up to 512 people in a group.

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