The figure of the sniper is certainly one of the most emblematic of those who tread the battlefields. Lone wolves perched in strategic points that dispense death from above, invisible and lethal as ghosts. Sniper Ghost Warrior, in his third incarnation, he once again places us in the shoes of a cold-blooded killer, with an aim that is the envy of Hawkeye and a more equipped arsenal than that of the Punisher.

The beta we have recently accessed opens with some explanatory videos, useful to give us a general smattering of the juiciest features in the title. The game is a stealth game in which the planning of the action and the study of the battlefield are key elements for the success of the mission. Perfectly calibrating the optical sight of the rifle based on the distance to the target and the strength of the wind, studying the position of enemies using the drone, identifying surveillance cameras and taking a look at the interactive elements of the scenario, must become routine. before taking action.

After attending the introductory sequences we then found ourselves behind the wheel of our jeep, urged by a voice via radio to reach our secret lair, a cave hidden in the mountains. And once it was reached, the actual preparation phase began. Just like James Bond stocked up on weapons and gadgets before leaving on a mission, we too felt the need to refuel properly. From the operational base it is in fact possible to select the paraphernalia made of sniper rifle, assault rifle, pistol, melee weapon and a whole series of other useful tools such as medkits, explosives of various kinds and the drone.

The protagonist is a wizard with a sniper rifle but he gets along well with other types of weapons as well.

Once we chose the equipment we reached the work table, got down to work and crafted some bullets to fit our guns. A nap on the uncomfortable cot in the corner of the shelter waiting for the darkness of the night to fall and a visit to the ordinance laptop to choose our target were the last actions before leaving for the mission. This beta put us in front of two tasks: taking out a separatist leader and sabotaging a communications facility. Eager to put our hand to our arsenal and eager to hit some enemy beyond the horizon between the eyes, we opted for the former.

Sneaking out of the cave we then returned to the steering wheel of the jeep, a quick glance at the map and the off-road wheels were already grinding the kilometers of muddy dirt road that separated us from the enemy camp. On our way we found some points of interest, mostly abandoned buildings, where we did not hesitate to enter, killing the soldiers on guard, sneaking here and there and searching the lifeless bodies of our victims.

Once we got to the edge of the enemy camp, the best idea seemed to be to climb a rock formation, in order to have a good view before launching the drone upwards. The little flying spy is our most faithful ally and is able, if used correctly, to give us a considerable tactical advantage. Enemies and “hotspots” remain highlighted once spotted, and as soon as the drone is back safe and sound in our hands, getting some nice headshots was a pretty straightforward job.

The drone is a faithful ally: its watchful gaze grants a tactical advantage without which we would really be in trouble.

Crouched among the rocks, we began to distribute death among the unsuspecting soldiers busy with their tedious surveillance. Out one, out two, out a third who had begun to move. Not even the time to frame the fourth target that a red indicator appears on the right, it is shaped like a crosshair and does not bode well. The next moment we find ourselves on the ground while the word “Try again” mockingly flashes in the center of the screen.

Of course we try again! This time we look more carefully at the building to the west, after a brief reconnaissance with the drone the cause of our previous demise is revealed: he is a sniper too, and he is holed up behind a wall on top of a building. Better start with him this time. We do it out by wasting more shots than we would like and we realize that we have not yet grasped all the secrets of managing the downward spiral of the bullet. Once the sniper was silenced we resumed dispensing death among the soldiers in the center of the field. There are many, after a few centers they begin to run towards our position, better to go down and find a good refuge among the rocks.

They come en masse, aggressive but stupid, they all try to climb up from the same point, we wait for them calmly and mow them with rapid bursts of the assault rifle. After taking out a lot of them, it’s time to get rid of our main target, which is holed up in a building.

At the shelter we can equip ourselves as best as possible and pack ammunition for our guns.

The only point through which it is possible to place a good shot is a window but you need a better view, the roof where the sniper was who we took out just before seems perfect. We then set out on a path with the intention of reaching a cable that connects the roof to a hill not far away, hoping that the zip line becomes an available option.

We move cautiously, even if the soldiers of the camp are far away. Suddenly there are cries of alarm, then a rain of bullets hits us, putting an end to our mission. Apparently enemy patrols roam the map at random, and a cottage that seemed empty until recently has become the meeting point of our executioners.

Without being here to describe the rest of our test in detail, we can tell you that it took a lot of attempts before successfully completing the two tasks available in the beta. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is uncompromising stealth where we are as lethal as we are vulnerable to attack. Being surrounded means death, and having an assault rifle in your hands doesn’t make us as dangerous as in any fps. Everything must be calculated and planned, the head shots are only used to manage situations at the limit, which usually are resolved with our departure or with an escape for the broken cap.

Various RPG components are also added to the formula, with three distinct trees in which to distribute skill points, allowing us to become better snipers, to increase skills in the stealth field and to put on some muscle. There are also upgrades for the drone which, once properly modified, will also have tasty additional functions such as the night mink or a call to distract enemies.

The fetishists of the technical sector can be considered calm: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is made with the Cry Engine and has a completely satisfactory graphics to which is added a dynamic weather that will make it rain on our protagonist liters after liters of water as well as the usual confetti lead. If you are a lover of hard and pure stealth and like to plan the action in detail before putting your finger on the trigger, you will soon have bread for your teeth.