SnowRunner – new map, truck and mod changes

News is coming!

SnowRunner has received The Imandra Update, which brings a lot of news. What went into the game with patch 7.0?

Due to the end of the first phase of the season pass, SnowRunner has received a lot of free and paid content, including the possibility of modifying the interior. Among exchanged DLCs include: a new map – Imandra, the TUZ 108 Warthog vehicle, the TUZ 166 skin and the Metal Detector mission. They also appeared new activities – Trial Mapsfor which you can get exclusive rewards for completing them.

In addition, the update introduces a few improvements and fixes a lot of bugs. Important changes have occurred in the subject of mods. Now you can play with your friends who are using modified trucks. When we connect with someone the game will automatically install the mods used by the host. Importing modified content will be faster from now on, and maps created in the editor will update when we go to the menu. also We will add elements from outside the game to the maps we create.

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