Snowrunner – The 8 best tips to get you started

Driving around in a car, truck or truck, how difficult can that be?

Now how Snowrunner proves, this is not an easy thing, especially under sometimes extreme conditions. If you are not prepared for it, you may experience your blue miracle in the game.

And in his Snowrunner test, Alex reveals that a trip to the muddy or snowy game world is definitely worth it. So that you can get along well there, we have here – fresh from developer Saber Interactive – some tips and tricks for the best start into the game for you.

1. Take a close look at new areas in Snowrunner

Whenever you venture into a new area in Snowrunner, you should take the time to take a closer look, to get to know the landscape. Ride to the towers and interact with them. Thus you uncover parts of the map and discover new orders, upgrades and hidden vehicles. And the more you reveal from the map, the easier it will be to plan your routes.

2. Buy, sell, improve and customize your vehicles in Snowrunner

You receive money for fulfilling orders and activities. You can invest that in your workshop in the purchase of new vehicles or in the improvement of the existing vehicles – optical adjustments are also possible. This gives you the opportunity to improve your favorite car, for example with larger engines, new tires or better suspension. This means you can get along better with them even in difficult terrain. For the difficult tasks of the game, it is essential to improve your fleet!

3. Use the garage in Snowrunner

In the workshop you also have the opportunity to park your vehicles. They can be transferred across different maps and regions and you can take your favorite cars with you to new regions.

4. Pay attention to the tank filling in Snowrunner

At first, refueling is not a big problem, but later orders can lead you across several maps. It is therefore advisable that you plan your routes so that they pass gas stations so that you can quickly top up the fuel when the opportunity arises. So plan your routes accordingly. Another option is to attach a small trailer with a fuel tank to your car. But for this you need the necessary change and your car has to be strong enough to pull it.

5. Use all-wheel drive and differential lock in Snowrunner

With the all-wheel drive, every single tire in your vehicle receives more power. This is particularly helpful in negotiating very muddy spots when your car gets into trouble. Use all-wheel drive sparingly because it increases fuel consumption significantly. Turn it off again when the terrain is easier to handle.

In addition, the cars are usually on the road without the differential lock activated. This allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds, which will help you corner better at higher speeds. In difficult situations it can therefore help to activate the differential lock so that two wheels on the same axle behave identically. This significantly improves the traction of the car. Don’t forget to deactivate it again afterwards.

6. Snowrunner is not always about speed

It’s probably more common that you get stuck somewhere in Snowrunner. It doesn’t help to press the accelerator all the way down. That only leads to the fact that I dig the car even deeper into the mud or snow due to the rotating tires. In this case, set the transmission to a lower level and gently accelerate. By turning the tires more slowly and steering carefully, you get more traction and are free again.

7. Improve your rank in Snowrunner

By completing missions, you rise in rank. Since some jobs are too difficult to tackle at the beginning, you should leave them behind for later. Upgrading gives you access to more vehicles and upgrades, and thus more tools to make your work easier.

8. Use your winch in Snowrunner

The winch is an important tool in Snowrunner. Every vehicle has one by default and you can, for example, attach it to objects in the area to free yourself if you are stuck somewhere. Please note, however, that the fuel consumption also increases during this time. You can also use it to move other objects and there are different types of winches that are suitable for specific situations. So make sure you have the right winch for the job.

Should it be necessary in emergency situations, you can also trigger like winds at lightning speed and thus save yourself.

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