So we can create our own Memoji on a Mac with Big Sur

When we first met the Memoji these were something unique to the iPhone X. The grace of the Memoji was its ability to interact according to our movements, something that required the TrueDepth system that brings Face ID to life. Somewhat later, with the arrival of Memoji Stickers, the creation, editing and use of Memoji has been reaching all devices. With macOS Big Sur it is possible to create them on the Mac.

Created in Messages, but usable in any app

The Memoji on the Mac, lacking Face ID (at least for now), come in the form of Memoji Stickers, that is, those mini images of our Memoji making various expressions that we can send through the Messages app. And, thus, it is precisely the Messages app that we will go to to create or customize our Memoji. The steps are the following:

  • We open the Messages app on our Mac.
  • We touch the A-shaped button on the left side of the text box.
  • We chose Memoji Stickers.
  • If we want to edit an existing one, we select it and touch the three dots choosing Edit. If we want to create a new one, we touch the three dots and choose New Memoji.
  • At this point we can start with customization. The process is very simple and the same as we already know from our iPhone or iPad. In the left bar we find the different features – for example skin, hairstyle, eyebrows, eyes, head, glasses, etc. – and in the right part the different variants. At the top of each section we find several colors that we can choose or a button with several on it that allows us to customize it even more.

    Maybe it’s a little early but my Memoji has already dressed for Christmas.

    – David Bernal Raspall (@ david_br8) November 25, 2020

    When we are done we simply touch the OK button to save our Memoji. Before seeing how to use it, a little trick for this Christmas: the Santa Claus hat. We can put on a Christmas hat in the Headwear section. The trick is to customize the color with the button that has several and choose red, then we will find the characteristic hat among the other options, ideal for parties.

    We continue. The use of the Memoji Stickers is very simple, We will always do it from the same Messages app.

  • We open the Messages app on our Mac.
  • We touch the A-shaped button on the left side of the text box.
  • We chose Memoji Stickers.
  • We choose the Memoji that we want to use.
  • We touch the Sticker that we want.
  • We press Enter (↵) to send it.
  • On the Mac, we can also drag any sticker sent or received to the desktop to save it as a png image. Thanks to this system we can use these stickers in any messaging app by sending it as we would with any image.

    As simple as that. Keep in mind that any changes to an existing Memoji, as well as new ones, will be synced through iCloud and will appear on our iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. If we have a device with Face ID, in addition to the Memoji Stickers, we can animate the Memoji itself so that it speaks and moves for us.