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Socom 4 gets bundle

Socom 4 gets bundle

Sony has announced that SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs will also receive a special bundle, namely the Full Deployment Edition.

This special edition will include the game, as well as a Move controller, a navigation controller, the PlayStation Eye and the Playstation Move Sharp Shooter. The latter in a Move holder in the shape of a gun.

??Due to the high expectations surrounding Socom 4, we want to provide fans with a game they can fully empathize with. With this version we bring an evolution in the experience of motion gaming?? said John Koller of SCEA.

With the precision of the Move and the intuitive design of the Sharp Shooter, PlayStation Move lives up to these expectations. Combine this with the 3D capabilities of games like Socom 4 and Killzone 3, and you have an experience only possible on the PlayStation 3.

An exact date is not yet available. We can already tell you that outside the US the game will be called Socom 4: Special Forces.