[SOLVED] : 16 Tips to Extend Battery Life of iPhone 12/12 Pro / 12 Pro Max / 12 mini or iPhone 11XR / XS / X / 8/7

Following update to new iOS version, like iOS 13 or iOS 12, many Apple users find their iOS battery issues on iPhone 6 (s) / 7/8 / X / 11 or the latest iPhone 12s / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max / 12 mini. They complain that iPhone / iPad battery life charges very quickly. A real inconvenience, especially for users addicted to push mails and other 4G connection.

Common ways to optimize the battery and extend its life: turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, geotagging, Siri, automatic time zones, and switch to airplane mode when you’re not using it. In this post, we are going to offer you the most comprehensive tips and tricks to extend battery life on iPhone iPad.

Method 1. Determine the greedy Apps

As for battery saving on iPhone / iPad, the first thing you need to do is figure out which apps have consumed the most battery in the last 24 hours or the last 5 days.

If you are working with iOS 13/12, go to Settings> Battery> Battery usage by APP. Swipe down on the screen, check the usage rate since the last full charge.

How to extend iPhone battery

Once the app that you eat your iPhone battery is found, please continue reading this article. There you will find useful indications so that the applications that appear at the top of the list no longer appear there.

Method 2. Activate power saving mode

The iOS 14/13/12/11 energy saving mode gives a second life to the battery, reducing the amount of energy used, almost over 1 hour of battery life. In exchange, this mode will deactivate functions such as searching for email, Hey Siri, updating background applications, visual effect and reducing the general performance of the device and network activity: Settings> Battery> Energy saving mode.

Save iPhone battery – Activate power saving mode

Method 3. Disable Automatic Downloads

This feature allows you to automatically update certain apps and automatically download new purchases (including free downloads) made from other devices if you connect to a Wi-Fi or cellular data network. An automatic download consumes a lot of battery power.

  • Settings> App Store and iTunes Store> Apps, Books, and Updates under Automatic Downloads

Save iPhone Battery – Disable Automatic Downloads

Method 4. Disable Background Apps

To save the battery of the iPhone 12/12 Pro / 12 Pro Max / 12 mini, it could not be simpler: just prohibit the applications installed on the device running in the background. In other words, to use applications only when you need them.

For devices with full screen: Tap the bottom of the home screen and hold a slight pause in the middle of the screen> Swipe up to close them.

For devices with the Home button: Double press the Home button> Swipe up to close them.

Method 5. Turn off background refresh

Most applications refresh their neither seen nor known content using the cellular network or wi-fi, but also the battery. In the How to Speed ​​Up iPhone post, we mentioned that enabling background refresh can slow down your iPhone, but also consumes iPhone battery power. So, very well without it.

  • Settings> General> Background refresh> Turn off Background refresh.

In addition, if you do not use applications, uninstall them from your iDevice. It can get more free space on your device, and also extend the battery life of your devices.

Save iPhone Battery – Disable Background Refresh

Method 6. Lower the screen brightness

The screen brightness is set to 100% by default (it’s pretty much the same in automatic mode), so to improve your iPhone iPad battery life, reduce the screen brightness.

  • Deactivate the “Automatic adjustment” mode and drag the slider up to 30% -40%.

Save iPhone battery – Lower screen brightness

Method 7. Do not allow all apps to have your location

Save iPhone battery – Turn off location service

The iPhone location service provides you with content more suited to your uses: lets you know where you are and gives you exact directions, helps you find restaurants, and much more. But the location function will often be used WLAN and GPS, which is the biggest consumer of energy on your device. So turn it off to save battery power.

  • Settings> Privacy> Location services.

If you don’t want to turn off location services completely, turn off the use of apps manually.

Method 8. Automatic screen lock in 1 minute

Due to content privacy, or iPhone battery life, make sure your iDevice is not awake when not in use. If you want maximum battery life of your iPhone iPad, you can choose to set auto lock in 1 minute.

Save iPhone Battery – Automatic Screen Lock in 1 Minute

Method 9. Disable the Push option in Mail

Save iPhone battery – Disable Push option

The Push mail feature allows your device to receive instant notifications whenever you receive an email. This is great if you need to be in the know all the time when a new email arrives. But if push mail is the main cause of loss of battery life, turn off push for your email accounts.

  • Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars> New data> Disable push.

Warning: If you deactivate the push, you will not receive warning notifications, for example, you will receive an email unless you manually open the respective application.

Method 10. Disable unnecessary notifications

Save iPhone Battery – Disable Unnecessary Notifications

Notifications take a lot of battery life. In general, most applications do not need this kind of information. So, to save battery, make sure they don’t have real-time access to just the apps you are using.

  • Go to Settings> Notifications> Choose apps> Turn off the Allow notifications option.

Method 11. Update your iOS device

Normally, every software update often includes bug fixes, and some of them will fix your iPhone / iPad battery issue. Make sure your iPhone or iPad is running the latest version of iOS. Please see the tutorial to update on your device.

Sometimes bugs or accidental states occur during an iOS update.

Method 12. Enable Dark Mode in iOS 13

After the release of iOS 13 last year, Apple is launching the new feature – Dark Mode, which gives you a whole new visual experience, with lower brightness, and can optimize iPhone battery life in a to some extent.

Go to Settings> Brightness & Display> Dark.

Save iPhone Battery – Activate Dark Mode

Method 13. Turn off Bluetooth

The Bluetooth function is not only useful with wireless headsets or earphones, but also for iPhone or iPad users to share data wirelessly. But it also eats up your device’s battery. Turn off Bluetooth when not in use.

  • Settings> Bluetooth.
  • Swipe up from the bottom to bring up the Control Center> Tap the Bluetooth icon to close it.

Method 14. Turn off vibrate mode

Believe it or not, vibration alerts use up battery power quickly, especially if you get a lot of push notifications. If you turn them off, you’ll likely notice an improvement in battery life.

  • Settings> Sounds> Turn off Vibrate with ringtone and Vibrate in silent mode.

Save iPhone battery – Turn off vibrate mode

Method 15. Reduce animations

Save iPhone battery – Reduce animations

The animations of the interface, especially the parallax of the icons, make navigation prettier when switching from one screen to another. But be aware that it requires more calculations on the part of your device. If you want to save battery power, turn this option off.

  • Settings> General> Accessibility> Motion> Minimize animations.

Method 16. Turn off the network connection or in Airplane Mode

Usually, the network connection consumes battery power, if your iPhone is low on battery power, but you need to use it for a while, turn off the network connection, or turn on Airplane mode.

Switch off the WLAN: Settings> Wi-Fi> OFF, if you are low on battery.

Disable 3G / 4G Settings> General> Cellular data> Activate 3G / 4G> OFF.

Disable Connection Sharing: Settings> Connection sharing> OFF.

Airplane mode : Settings> Activate airplane mode.

Save iPhone Battery – Disable Network Connection


Hope that with these steps you can know how to save battery on iPhone, peacefully enjoy your battery life while using all the apps and features you love. If you find this tutorial helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you experience the other battery problems after an update, be sure to check this page: Common battery problems and solutions in iOS 14/13/12>

Besides, when you are busy collecting iPhone iPad battery saving tips and tricks, why not learn how to speed up your iPhone iPad and how to free up more available storage on iPhone. Absolutely, if you also own a MacBook, here is a post on how to extend MacBook battery life.

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