[SOLVED] : Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max battery life: everything is fine except for this one thing

There are two big reasons why you might want the iPhone 12 Pro Max over other new iPhones: the bigger screen and the bigger battery. And indeed, the iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with a cell. 3687mAh battery inside, the biggest of all new iPhones. In fact, here’s how the battery size of the iPhone 12 Max compares to the battery size of the other iPhones in the family:

  • IPhone 12 Mini Battery Capacity: 2227mAh
  • IPhone 12/12 Pro battery capacity: 2815 mAh
  • IPhone 12 Pro Max battery capacity: 3687 mAh

Such a huge battery (for iPhone standards) should lead to great battery life results in the real world, but there’s no way to know that without testing. And we tested! We’ve run a series of in-depth battery tests so that you understand exactly what you can expect from the Pro Max and its larger battery.

iPhone 12 Pro Max: YouTube Video Streaming Battery Test

Watching videos on YouTube is a favorite pastime for many, and YouTube can easily replace television for some people, so this test is a very good indication of the battery life you can expect from the new iPhone. 12 Pro Max in real life.

So how long does it last? The 12 Pro Max scored 8 hours and 37 minutes in our YouTube video streaming battery test, slightly less than last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max, which scored 8 hours and 58 minutes on the same test. . And that’s really no surprise, after all, the new 12 Pro Max has a smaller battery cell than its predecessor. IPhones generally don’t perform well on this test, but recently some Android phones have lost some of their power. ground. For example, the Note 20 Ultra did this test surprisingly poorly, scoring only 7 hours, less than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The previous S20 Ultra model, however, had beaten the iPhone with a score of 10 hours and 29 minutes. Remember that you can also add your favorite phone to this table and see how it performs on this test, chances are we have tested it!

iPhone 12 Pro Max: Web Browsing Battery Test

Despite the smaller battery size compared to last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max, the new 12 Pro Max managed to outlive it with a small, but not inconsiderable, margin. The new 12 Pro Max lasted 14 hours and 6 minutes in our web browsing test. This is the lightest test we take and it’s a good representation of how your phone will withstand basic everyday tasks like browsing the web and scrolling.

Interestingly, although many Android phones have much larger batteries (the S20 Ultra has a 5000mAh cell), the iPhone 12 Pro Max is well optimized for this type of use and actually lasts longer. than all those. So if you read a lot on the web and mostly do lighter workloads, the 12 Pro Max will easily impress you with its longevity.

iPhone 12 Pro Max: 3D gaming battery test

If you’ve read our iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Battery Test, as well as our iPhone 12 Mini Battery Test, you already know that the latest iPhones fail our 3D gaming battery test dramatically, so it won’t be a surprise for you to know that the iPhone 12 Pro Max has done as badly as the rest of the phones. The phone started to heat up unlike every other phone we tested and the battery melted as fast as pistachio ice cream in the summer heat. Yes, the Pro Max lasts a lot longer than the other three new iPhones simply because it has a bigger battery, but its score is abnormally low.

Of course, we had to investigate! We reached out for our superhero cape and play gear, it was play time! We started playing various games and noticed that the same issue was happening in some games. For example, Minecraft was melting the battery, while other games didn’t seem to be affected by this. The popular Call of Duty Mobile performed very well without the phone heating up and with a drained battery of around 15% per hour. This is much more reasonable and would give the iPhone 12 Pro Max over 6 hours of 3D gaming battery life, so investigation ended: it seems some games are not optimized for the all-powerful new Apple A14 chip. inside and run wild and free, putting no caps on the chip and it drains the battery amazingly fast. Fortunately, this does not affect all games.

Final words

If you’re not a gamer, chances are you’ll be impressed with the 12 Pro Max’s battery life. And if you are, you’ll be fine unless you stumble upon one of those problematic games that drain the battery abnormally. Did you know that the ideal temperature for an iPhone (or iPad) is between 16 and 22 ° C? That it is better to keep a battery charged between 30 and 80%? Grazia gives you some great tips to get the most out of your iPhone’s battery while preserving its lifespan. The first advice – quite logical, we agree – is to make sure you don’t run out of battery. The easiest way is to always have a Lightning cable available and enough to charge the smartphone. As Apple branded accessories are too expensive, we advise you to opt for cables from the Amazon Basics range (less than 8 euros per unit, of good quality), an Anker external battery (an excellent value for money according to our experience) and / or a fast or classic charge USB multi-port box.

To preserve the battery life of the iPhone, it should not be exposed to extreme temperatures (less than 0 ° C and more than 35 ° C) but also, as much as possible, to store its charge between 30 and 80%. Some experts say that keeping your iPhone permanently plugged into the mains and therefore at 100% will not do it much harm, but others explain that this ends up damaging the electrolytes in the battery… and therefore degrading it. Still, you would deserve a Nobel Prize if you manage to stay in that 30-80% range all the time, but at least you now know that a full charge is not necessarily the panacea. Small reminder: for a faster charge, switch to Airplane mode, it always helps a little even if it is not miraculous.

A good setting of the apps for better autonomy

Also consult the most demanding applications. To do this, go to Settings> Battery. This is where you can switch to “energy saving” mode at any time but also where you can see the apps that use the most battery power, whether over the last 24 hours or the last 7 days ( smoothed average). Facebook, Candy Crush, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp… maybe some of these apps don’t always need to work in the background.

In addition, it is important to always have your smartphone up to date with the latest version of iOS (yes, yes). It’s always better for the security of your data but also for the software optimizations that Apple makes constantly. Also leave the WiFi on constantly because a smartphone consumes less this way than in a 3 / 4G connection. And when you take the train or take a long drive, turn on Airplane mode. This will prevent the phone from exhausting itself continuously searching for the nearest cellular terminal. Finally, if you notice that your aging phone tends to heat up more than when it started out while it is charging, possibly opt for its cover to improve heat dispersion.

All of these tips will help preserve your iPhone’s battery, but won’t work miracles over time. Note that it was found that after a year to a year and a half of use, the capacity of a battery was only 70% compared to its beginnings. At some point, you can actually consider changing the battery. Tutorials are available online to do it yourself, but you can always call on a repairer (or even Apple at a price of 89 euros) to install a brand new model… and give your smartphone a new lease of life.

>> Do you have any doubts about the condition of your battery? Make an appointment at an Apple store or authorized service center and have them perform an “extended battery life test”. It’s free and they’ll tell you what it is.

Apple’s tips for preserving battery life

  • Keep your iPhone up to date with the latest version of iOS, the smartphone operating software
  • Avoid extreme temperatures (especially no more than 35 degrees)
  • Remove the shell while charging if the device tends to heat up
  • Store iPhone half-charged if you won’t be using it for a long time

Apple’s advice for maintaining good battery life on a daily basis

  • Keep your iPhone up to date with the latest version of iOS, the smartphone operating software
  • Decrease the screen brightness a bit or opt for automatic adjustment
  • Keep WiFi on at all times (this consumes less than a cellular connection)
  • When the battery reaches a certain level, switch to “energy saving” mode
  • Detect which applications are the most power hungry
  • Switch to Airplane mode in a weak signal area or on the move (car, train, etc.) if you can
  • Plug in and turn on your computer to charge your device through it

Applications that consume less

  • Disable geolocation in apps
  • Turn off automatic background updates for apps
  • Stop “killer” applications, it is useless and even has a negative effect (each time you relaunch an app, it will have to reload everything while a “dormant” app is already ready for use)
  • Disable email alerts (or space them out, every hour for example)
  • Disable notifications from apps that annoy you (it only takes a few seconds but you’ve been pushing back the idea for 6 months, we too, we know that)
  • No longer display the battery percentage in figures, it stresses you out ?