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[SOLVED] : Discover 5 themes preinstalled in MIUI 7

[SOLVED] : Discover 5 themes preinstalled in MIUI 7

Xiaomi yesterday announced both a new smartphone and a new version of their MIUI operating system. China’s leading smartphone maker has finally unveiled the Redmi Note 2 handset, which has been rumored for months. The 16GB variant of the device is called Redmi Note 2, and for some reason Xiaomi decided to name the 32GB variant Redmi Note 2 Prime. Regardless, Xiaomi also unveiled the MIUI 7, which we also covered extensively yesterday. We have already shared a few pictures of MIUI 7, but they are not exactly quality pictures. The usability of the OS remains more or less the same, but Xiaomi has introduced a few new things here, read on.

Among all the rest, Xiaomi has introduced an interesting theme concept in the new version of MIUI, and it is called ‘MUSE Theme Set’. Either way, the MIUI 7 comes with the default theme and four more: Light Luxury theme, Boys Edition theme, Girls / Female Edition theme, and Goddes theme. You can check out all of these themes in the gallery below, there are a few images for you to check out. As you can see, Xiaomi didn’t really stray far from MIUI 6 in terms of general usability or appearance of the operating system, you can change the look to some extent with these themes (icons, wallpaper …), But you’ll get a list of apps on the homepage, and the whole UI doesn’t look too different. Keep in mind that virtually every Android developer can create their own themes for MIUI 7, so there will be a lot of additional options in no time.

So what’s new in MIUI 7? Well, Xiaomi has introduced Face Recognition technology which will automatically retrieve the faces of babies, pets and general images from your gallery and organize them. There are also all kinds of improvements under the hood to make this version of MIUI faster than ever. The MIUI 7 responds 30% faster than the MIUI 6 according to Xiaomi and consumes 25% less battery than its predecessor. Xiaomi has also stated that many of their devices will be receiving this update, and they will actually be getting it very soon. Deployment begins today, and we’re still not sure which devices will get the update first, but basically every device that launched this year and last year will get it, as well as some older ones.

Xiaomi shares new screenshots of MIUI 9, new themes coming soon

We’ve seen several leaked MIUI 9 screenshots so far, and Xiaomi has shared two new ones, making them official. If you look at the images below, you will see the default lock screen and home screen of MIUI 9. Now this probably looks quite like MIUI 8 to most of you, and it doesn’t. This isn’t really surprising given that only the icons have been changed slightly here, and the dock icons at the very bottom have no name attached, only icon images are present.

The MIUI 9 icons will be even cleaner than the icons used by Xiaomi in MIUI 8, and in addition to removing the app names for the icons from the dock, it looks like MIUI 9 will come with at least four new official themes, including l one will be official MIUI 9 theme which will greet you when you turn on the device. This information is actually from a third-party source, so it’s technically a rumor. The other three themes mentioned in this leak are called Unbounded, Symphony, and Hyun Black. Keep in mind that Xiaomi’s Theme Store will include over 53,000 themes, many of which were created by third-party sources, so you’ll have plenty of themes to choose from. Now, in addition to that, MIUI 9 is also expected to come with some new features which have been mentioned in various rumors recently. The ‘quick response’ will likely accompany MIUI 9 for Xiaomi-branded phones, a feature that many consumers are quite familiar with given that many Android Nougat-based phones have already received this feature, but Xiaomi’s Nougat-powered devices do not have it, as it was not included in any variant of MIUI 8.

In addition to “Quick Response”, MIUI 9 will almost certainly include the so-called “Picture-in-Picture” mode, and the same goes for the “Split Screen” mode, which will allow you to run two applications side by side, and this is also something that many consumers are familiar with at this point. Xiaomi recently confirmed that MIUI 9 will be announced before August 16, although the company has yet to give us a specific date. It’s also worth noting that the Xiaomi Mi 6 will likely receive this update first, at least if the latest reports are to be believed.

How Android: Xiaomi MIUI V5 Themes

Themes are one of the most unique features of Xiaomi’s custom MIUI version of Android, and it’s pretty powerful at that. Xiaomi’s theme engine not only has the ability to change almost every element of the user interface, it also offers a marketplace with thousands and thousands of paid and free themes and individual themed items. We’ll walk you through the steps of getting a theme up and running and how to change the individual items and you’ll quickly see how many options you have.

First, you will need to go to the Themes app located on your home screen. This will take you to the Theme Store, which prominently shows a featured section right up front. Moving left to right you have the featured tab on the left, in the middle left is the trending tab, in the middle right is the individual categories, and the rightmost tab contains the themes that you have. installed on your device. Switching to the trending tab will give you two sub-tabs, the one on the left is for paid themes and the one on the right is for free themes.

rd, you will get a more detailed look at the theme showing the full style, icons used, lock screen changes, etc. After you click on the download button and it is downloaded, the button changes to Apply. Applying a theme takes a few seconds and will completely change your device’s appearance, lock screen, icons, notifications, etc. Even the recent screen, quick toggles, and settings menus are completely different with each theme. Let’s say you don’t like one or two parts of the theme and want to change the font, for example, let’s look at how.

Go back to the Themes app and go to the third tab, which corresponds to the different categories of themes. At the bottom there is a large, wide button that will take you to the different sections to edit. Once you click on it, you will be taken to the components screen which breaks down each thematic section of the user interface into different components. From there, you’ll be taken to familiar screens that look like the rest of the themed sections, including paid and full tabs. Make sure that if you want to apply any ringtones associated with a theme, you also activate the section in the settings menu of the theme app.

Last but not the least is to set themes that you have already downloaded and switch between them as you like. Back to the main Themes app screen, head to the far right tab to see all the themes on your device. This will allow you to edit entire themes at will, but again, what if you want to edit individual sections of the themes you downloaded? Go back to the main section again, head to the third ‘categories’ tab and click the button at the bottom. From there, click on the individual section you want to edit, navigate to the third tab and it will contain all of the UI parts that you have installed. Every section is like this, including ringtones, notification sounds, etc. Enjoy your new themes and feel free to share the best you find!

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New version of MIUI ROM brings awesome themes

Are you tired of the old usual look and feel of Android, Sense, TouchWiz, or any other manufacturer on Android? How’s your Chinese? If you understand Chinese, you might want to check out the new version of MIUI. Looks super awesome! It is available for the Motorola Milestone, Nexus One, and HTC Desire. Here are some of the new features:

As mentioned, it is Chinese language only. According to their website, “MIUI ROM only supports Simplified Chinese at this time. For any other supported language, MIUI group does not have a plan yet. Your understanding will be appreciated. It’s such a shame because he’s incredibly themable and looks really cool.