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[SOLVED] : Good news: MIUI themes are again available on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones in Europe

[SOLVED] : Good news: MIUI themes are again available on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones in Europe

After a long period of intensive investigation and the unavailability of the application MIUI Themes Now comes this discount available to this popular feature.

The information was provided by the Spanish MIUI community, which states that from January / January 2020 the app is available with a large number of popular customizations.

MIUI topics available again

Originally still Feb. 28, 2018 Xiaomi has decided to suspend the application MIUI Themes And services Mi Message, mainly due to new regulations and privacy measures in Europe. Now the MIUI Themes app is back, but so far only on select smartphones.

All Xiaomi or Redmi branded devices are expected to benefit from popular customization options in future updates. The changes are expected to be implemented around mid-May / May of this year.

Plus, the changes don’t stop there and the app’s return is coming in style with the support of creativity.

Within the application MIUI Themes support for the Mi community will also be implemented. In practice, this means that other users will also be able to download various custom themes, icons, wallpapers, and other content to personalize the device.

They also work in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

We tested the MIUI themes on the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro editorial and they really work. After opening the app, an offer or “store” with themes will immediately appear, all of which are currently completely free. So you can download a joy. ?

MIUI Themes is back in Europe

We have great news from Xiaomi. Do you remember that the MIUI Themes app was temporarily suspended for all regions of the European Union? Well, this year is coming and coming back with more force than ever.

The MIUI Themes app will be available again and users will be able to use the Themes website to download themes to their devices.

Keep reading the thread and you’ll find out all the news that’s coming in.

From the beginning of January, it is already available on some devices and devices that do not have it will be operational in future updates.
It will be available across Europe and is expected to be available on all devices by mid-May.

Some themes available in India or other regions will not be available in Europe.

Thanks to what happened, we will activate the MIUI Themes section in My Community, where we can download icons, wallpapers, themes, etc. Stay tuned!

An official wallpaper contest will also be taking place soon, so get ready for what’s to come!

So you can follow all the news of MIUI themes and meet new themes and wallpapers, you can follow us on the channel we have on Telegram t.me/miuithemes and on Twitter.

Xiaomi’s Themes app is available again

Towards the end of February of the past year, Xiaomi was shaking the hearts of its supporters by announcing that MIUI themes would not be available for the European market. A choice which has still not found answers on the real motivations and which has led many users to have to choose a region different from their nationality in order to access precisely the beautiful Themes which in the past have decreed a large part of the success of the proprietary MIUI GUI.

We are therefore delighted to announce that after a thousand vicissitudes, the MIUI Themes application is also available for the European market, on all Xiaomi and Redmi devices, officially allowing the personalization of your device.

The announcement was made by the moderator of the Spanish community, Xiaomi_Javi4, who through a thread specifies that the MIUI Themes application will be available on the European market from January. But do not rejoice immediately, as the app will be gradually reintroduced with new updates, so the deployment time will be from January to the end of May. Thus, not all users will immediately see the Themes application available, remaining for the moment linked to the decision taken on February 24, 2018, when Xiaomi specifically decided to suspend the service to comply with all the privacy rules that the Europe had imposed.

For the final version, it will be necessary to wait between January and May

The MIUI Themes application will however be enriched with a novelty, in particular a new community section, where all users will be able to upload their projects, not only related to themes but also to icons, backgrounds or any other material dedicated to the personalization of their smartphone, much like it is already happening for the Indian market. So are you ready to show off the cool soul of your terminal? You may be able to post your personalization in the comments box below or on our Facebook groups.

install hundreds of themes on Xiaomi with MIUI Themez

At the start of 2020, the news makes smartphone owners smile Xiaomi: the official return to Europe of the application MIUI Themes. After a period of stagnation, it was decided to return to normal, making this type of user interface customization available again. In the meantime, alternatives to the blockade, which later turned out to be temporary, have been discussed in Europe. From this situation arose realities like the one we want to talk about today, that is to say MIUI Themez.

MIUI Themez gives you access to many themes for your Xiaomi smartphones

Whether Xiaomi or not, users often want to personalize their devices and with MIUI Themez you have another option. Although the official app has come back to us Europeans, having an alternative platform means a greater choice to make the software facade unique. The site is updated daily, with a list of latest topics added to the database. And also divided by categories, which can filter them under various aspects: MIUI 12 and 11, but also iOS, Premium, Gradient, Minimal, Dark, Pixel, OnePlus, One UI and others. Be careful, as themes may require MIUI 12 to be present, so make sure you have the required firmware.

How to install MIUI Themez themes for Xiaomi

Once you have chosen the theme you want to have on your Xiaomi smartphone, you will find the MTZ file to download on the dedicated page. This file must be applied following a certain procedure:

  • Download the MTZ file to the smartphone you want to customize (otherwise copy it from your PC to its internal memory)
  • Install the theme editor for the MIUI app from Google Play Store
  • Open it, click on “DISCOVER” and select the MTZ file
  • Click on “Start“, Then ”Next“, Finally on ”Finish“ And confirm with ”install“