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Before the arrival of MIUI 11. Xiaomi and Redmi phones had an app called themes. from which we could install different styles on our phone. However. due to different restrictions in different countries. in some countries like Spain. we cannot use it. although. as we will show you. it is possible to recover them.

These styles allow us to give a total change to our mobile phone. affecting wallpaper. icons and other aesthetic aspects. This is the propriety of MIUI 11 customization method and therefore assures us that the performance will not be affected and that we will not have compatibility issues. This is one of all MIUI 11 cheats that affect everything. from battery to design or camera.

Activate themes app in MIUI 11 Learn how to install themes in MIUI 11 Customize themes in MIUI 11 Activate themes app in MIUI 11 The first thing we need to install one of the many themes available is to get the application and we will do this by going to the Settings section> Additional settings> Region. In this section. we will have Spain by default and change to India. being one of the countries where we can use the MIUI 11 app. It will not affect the language of devices at all and not on time or other aspects.

After a few minutes. the themes application will appear on our mobile. In the event that it does not appear. we will have to enter the Xiaomi app store called GetApps. from where we will go in our section and click update topics so we can use it. In case we can’t find it after that. we can go to Get apps> Profile> Update history and open the themes.

Learn how to install themes in MIUI 11 once the app is up and running. the process of installing a theme in MIUI 11 couldn’t be easier. First of all. we need to consult with everyone we find. where we have a great variety which can be divided into categories. the most popular or a selection made by the Xiaomi company itself. It doesn’t matter which one we choose. because they all involve the same steps.

To install. we will touch one of them. those that are not identified as premium. then click the free button to download it. In a few seconds. we will have it downloaded and ready to install by just pressing apply button as we show you in the pictures. Then. we have to go to the home screen and check how the style of our mobile has completely changed.

One of the funniest features of themes is to give it a personal touch. Certainly. among all the themes we have. we will find an icon pack that we like. a wallpaper in a different theme which we also liked and even a phone dialing style from another. Fortunately at MIUI 11. we have the possibility to install and apply different parts of our custom theme.

To do this. we have to go back to the themes application of our Xiaomi or Redmi mobile and go to the last tab that corresponds to our profile. From this section. we have access to the option to customize the theme. where in each of the sections. we will be able to apply this specific part of the themes that we liked. Then we can save it with a name. to apply it when you want.

171 free icon packs to discover for September 201622 September 2016Add a commentby Fabien Berthoux Are you looking for a free icon for your web designs or the design of your interfaces? Discover thousands of free icons grouped in 171 icon packs to edit in Photoshop. Illustrator or Sketch that I found during my vigil.

Free icons for September 2016 Do you need icons to illustrate your projects? Do not panic. we have what you need on hand! Free icons. that will fit perfectly into your personal or professional work. Many universes are represented with PSD files and sometimes bonus formats (Sketch. PNG or SVG).

Do you like arrows? You can have fun here with this free 112 icon pack. If with all this you do not find your happiness. nothing more can be done for you!

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Are you looking for inspiration to create an original navigation on your site or your application? Here are a few different templates to tell your user how to switch pages.

Apple users. you may have recognized the style of the toolbar imagined by the apple brand. Here are 20 free icons with the same design.

Neon and futuristic effect for this free icon pack on the world of technology. Computer science. console. television or robotics. everything is present!

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200 free icons await a happy owner. A minimalist style that you can use for both your personal and professional projects.

We repeat it enough. Android is fortunate to be able to allow you a total customization of its interface by icon packs for example. According to your tastes and your moods. Google‘s operating system can give you the option to modify it as you see fit. Maybe some of you before the arrival of smartphones were already having fun modifying the interface of your Windows systems? For Android it’s the same story. better.

So. to give a little Marshmallow air to your Android interface. know that there is this free pack containing 150 icons but also the wallpapers and a tool to formulate your icon requests which will be worked on subsequently.

Bringing a simple aesthetic without putting aside the finishes. this pack contains more than 800 icons. Miller is the author of many collections and unfortunately it may be difficult for him to keep them up to date. This pack also contains widgets. wallpapers. …

In addition to the good thousand icons. you will also have access to wallpapers. a query tool for icons that you would like to see reworked. At first sight. Material Design may seem too simplistic but unifying with all of your terminal. it will ensure a real aesthetic symbiosis.

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Some icons may look a bit squashed but that said. Tyles is nonetheless an interesting and above all free pack. also containing wallpapers. a query tool and is compatible with many launchers.

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More than 850 icons are offered in this free version and regular updates are made. Wallpapers are also available in this pack compatible with many launchers.

Dynamic icons for the calendar are also available as well as a tool to formulate your requests. If you are bored with bright colors then Bleach Icon Pack is for you.