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  5. [SOLVED] : MIUI Themes: Download Best MIUI 10 Themes

[SOLVED] : MIUI Themes: Download Best MIUI 10 Themes

[SOLVED] : MIUI Themes: Download Best MIUI 10 Themes

MIUI Themes – Are you looking to download new MIUI 10 themes? If yes you have come to the right place, today I am going to share most of the free MIUI 10 themes to install on your Redmi or Xiaomi devices.

How to install MIUI themes on Xiaomi phones?

Step 1: After downloading the MIUI theme in .mtz file extension on your computer, copy the same file to your device’s storage memory or to the SD card.

2nd step: Now access Xiaomi’s Themes app from the App Drawer.

Step 3: Under the Theme tab, you need to select Offline.

Step 4: The list of all the offline themes preinstalled on your smartphone appears.

Step 5: Scroll through the list and tap Import.

Step 6: Now navigate to the appropriate folder and select the copied .mtz file from your device.

Step 7: The theme will be installed.

Step 8: Once the installation process is complete, select the theme and press “Apply”.

That’s all! Enjoy! The new theme will be automatically applied on the Xiaomi device.

Top 5 MIUI Theme Collection

Below we give you the collection of 2021 hottest and most popular themes along with download links.

  • Pure iOS
  • Ocean breeze
  • MOD stock
  • Future Technology
  • Pure iOS 11

    This MIUI theme really looks like Real iOS 11. Thanks to the developer who made this Miui theme, he really did a great job.

    Download now

    Ocean breeze

    Flat lock screen wallpaper (Put your favorite app on the lockscreen) Simple and clean user interface.

    Download now

    Back to School

    This theme comes with amazing lockscreen.

    Download now


    Download now

    Future Technology

    gorgeous dynamic lock screen on slide unlock super multi-fit 1000+ multiple third-party icons multi-interface optimization adaptation clock, weather, calendar module version and statement theme will be based on current situation and comments from time to time update technical maintenance tips, please send: 289912753 @ qq.com sincerely receive your comments and questions

    Download now


    That’s it for today * i hope you like this top 5 from MIUI theme collection, don’t forget to like to share and comment on similar themes as this one. Thank you!

    13 stylish MIUI themes for Xiaomi smartphones

    In the MIUI theme store, you can find many original cases in the ascetic style of Material Design or iOS. Besides them, there are also some truly original solutions that are unlike anything else, but it is not easy to find them. To find these stylish themes, just type their name into the search for the pre-installed “Themes” app.


    The theme in the style of minimalism with original icons of third-party applications and static wallpaper of new Pixel smartphones.

    Explode the planet

    Bright design of icons and almost standard curtain of preinstalled MIUI themes.


    Absolutely “flat” icons, an ascetic curtain and minimal effects.

    Green stage

    A theme with rounded UI elements and semi-transparent background effects.

    12 chom sao

    The original interface with the theme of constellations and the night sky.


    A dark theme in the style of Material Design without unnecessary animation.

    Ocean 999

    Interface in light colors with shadow effects in icons and other elements.


    The theme is in the clean interface style of the Android 8 Oreo operating system with small additions.


    Simple and elegant interface in blue tones.


    The theme with a predominance of dark tones and bright contrasting elements.

    iOS 10 Meteor

    Animated background with falling stars and blurred outline of icons.

    Neon 999

    Neon style for fans of bright colors.

    Galaxy note 7

    The theme is in the style of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone interface with five icons in a row.

    The best themes for MIUI 10

    MIUI 10 has become, by its own merit, in one of the best Rom for Android. Xiaomi’s fork moves smoothly (and quite stable) in the vast majority of their terminals, if also with several customization options as one of its main virtues.

    The question that concerns us today is MIUI themes, one of those tools to personalize our phone that differentiates this layer from the other. For this reason, we collect the six best topics that we recommend today in MIUI 10.

    First of all, you must have the topics app

    If you are in Spain and you have a Xiaomi, you will have appreciated that you have no application problems. To activate it (as you do with facial recognition in some of the signature terminals), it is necessary to change the region of the device. To do this we no longer have to go to settings, and write region in the finder.

    In this section must select region in India. To change the region, we will be able to unblock content, such as applying themes. Yes, be sure to change the time manually, because when you change region the time zone also change.

    once you have the themes app, not just enter in the search engine the names of the sections that we are going to show. If you have defined the region as you indicated, you will look without any problems.

    iOS alakadarnya

    At this point, no one would shake hands with their heads if we admit that MIUI seems dangerously close to iOS. The Apple operating system has a very neat interface, and to feel drawn to it, even though we are Android users, it is a sin that you can get forgiven.

    For those who want to enjoy the look of your iOS terminal is with MIUI 10 we have the alakadarnya iOS theme, which perfectly simulates the look of the iPhone home screen. The icons are care, and the wallpapers are similar to what we find in iOS 11. Likewise, screen lock also changes, very similar to that of this operating system.

    Flip the Lmsi V8

    Inspired by the nature and aesthetic of icons for something more fun, Flip the Lmsi V8 is another of our recommended topics for MIUI 10. Your Lock Screen it is very minimalist and elegant, with a neat animation to unlock the terminal.

    as with icons, their aesthetics may be nicer or less, but it is quite neat, and has an air of something casual, which keeps this topic of most dish proposals. In the same way, the bottom of the screen is blurry when we are in the app launcher, another detail that we liked.

    Aqua Lmsi V8

    in the hands of the same developer, we find Aqua Lmsi V8, a subject whose aesthetics is something flatter, is and in which the color is your main character. The icons have a somewhat squeaky color scheme. The unlock screen is fairly straightforward, but the clock and date indicators work fine in the corners.

    Google ui

    If there is a ROM MIUI is far away on an aesthetic level, it is the ROM from Google. However, with the theme of the Google UI one can bring our interface for the Big G proposal. The screen lock is very similar to that of Android Stock, and the icons have been designed taking into account the lines design of Android, and the Pixel ROM.

    the icons in the notification bar also change significantly, white which boasts of Android since the KitKat version, and with similar design lines (no icons like the battery is dead).

    Flyme 7

    Meizu is one of the other Android manufacturers with a pretty aggressive fork. However, aesthetically the system is taken care of. The Flyme 7 theme – us about the Meizu interface, with a few fairly flat icons, an eye-catching color palette, and a wallpaper that degrades to a single color. Simple and functional. As for the lock screen, the theme is more eye-catching.


    finally, we bring a theme that is quite different to customize the interface, quite deep. is Based in shades of blue and white, but also a look something indie and retro, WesTheme change our launcher, wallpaper, lock screen, notification bar…

    remember that all of these backgrounds are completely free, and that work on a device running MIUI 10, regardless of which version of Android you are using.