Someone bought a joint console from Sony and Nintendo for more than 100 million forints

Named one of the rarest consoles in the world, the machine found a new owner at an auction.

In the early ’90s, Sony and Nintendo co-created a machine that could handle both cassette and disc games as a separate device, but we could also use it as an add-on to SNES. Eventually, nothing of it all became, however, 200-300 prototypes were completed, and now with the sale of one like this, someone has mowed quite a bit.

Recently, the almost legendary Nintendo Play Station was offered for sale, which didn’t come with any games, but could be worth gold to a true collector. This is how it happened, because in the end the gadget was sold at the auction for 360 thousand dollars, ie well over 107 million forints.

By the way, the appearance of the console already shows that it is not a modern piece, it is still in working order and can play music CDs or SNES cassettes without any problems. This is probably also the reason why it is sold so expensive, as it cannot be used exclusively as a paperweight or as a decorative decoration in a showcase. Although the new owner probably won’t play too much on it.

Do you think this rare machine is sold at the right price?