Hedgehog of the Colossus

Just in case, a little reminder of the facts: Sonic Frontiers has been announced since its inception as a real turning point for the saga with a promise of gigantic open-world, deep mechanics and next-gen graphics. Suffice to say that the paper, difficult to say no to such a breath of fresh air: the time will soon come for the mascot of SEGA to show what wood it is warming up but before that, direction of Tokyo Game Show for a new demonstration.

It is therefore via the iconic TGS 2022 which has just opened its doors that the Japanese publisher has published a brand new trailer for the game, to enjoy above. The whole is also supported by end credits music, unveiled recently and bearing the sweet name of “Vandalize” (from One Ok Rock, for the curious).

Dragon Ball better watch out

This new trailer then highlights interesting elements, focusing particularly on gigantism. We can see an absolutely huge boss that Sonic will have to faceundoubtedly the greatest of the entire franchise, which will also put our hero in great difficulty.

Enough that he has to use the hard way: his transformation into Super Sonic, then tackling a golden tone and the ability to fly through the air with insane power. A version that we know well in the saga and which will therefore make a comeback in Sonic Frontiers.

The game is scheduled for November 10 on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


With the Tokyo Game Show 2022 which will start in a few hours, SEGA was inevitably obliged to give us news of Sonic Frontiers, the game of all debates. It must be said that since its announcement, the title has eaten waves of criticism, justified or not, which does not reassure about its passage to the open world. If the returns from gamescom with the first hands-on were less catastrophic than expected, the title still has its worth to prove. So, just to boost the confidence a bit and raise the hype a bit more, SEGA decided it was time to show that Sonic will be able to transform into a Super Saiyan in the game. This is made possible after our hedgehog has absorbed several diamonds of different colors, and thus take advantage of its overpower to defeat the most formidable enemies. Unfortunately, the video stops at the moment of impact.

The release of Sonic Frontiers is expected for November 8, 2022 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One.

Sonic Frontiers the hunt

We’re still staying at Sega but for slightly less encouraging news since it’s time to share with you the Sonic Frontiers trailer unveiled at the TGS. We have the feeling that Sega isn’t even trying anymore, so much everything gives the impression that it was edited out of the blue under Windows Movie Maker: game phases and excerpts from cutscenes chosen at random, no sound effects, all posed on any piece of pop-rock unrelated to what is happening on the screen. They could have at least made the effort to put on Linkin Park.

Sonic Frontiers: the TGS trailer

Too bad for the spoiler even if it was expected for a central episode of the franchise of the blue hedgehog (and his few friends): in the new special TGS trailer of Sonic FrontiersSEGA confirms that we can unlock the golden form after having gathered the usual emeralds.

As for the new skills, it will be necessary to wait, in the worst case, until the launch scheduled for November 8 on all media.


Uh, spoilers?

With Tokyo Game Show which is in full swing, Sega was not going to let an opportunity to show a little Sonic Frontiers. However, the latest trailer for the next adventures blue hedgehog show what seems to be a boss fight… and a transformation in Super Sonic (which is no longer blue, suddenly).

Already seen in previous gameplay trailers, Sonic Frontiers seems to have a lot of confidence in his fights versus gigantic creaturesinevitably recalling certain phases of Shadow of the Colossus. Our hero will take advantage of his speed and an array of unique abilities at Frontiers to reach their weak points… hoping that the gameplay is well enough put together to make them interesting. This is regularly the risk with Sonic 3D, especially when they start to have ambition.

However, it is surprising to see a transformation into Super Sonic in a simple trailer, the latter being often reserved to the final phases of gameplay of the different games. Did Sega literally just spoil the ending of the game, where Sonic recovers the ultimate Chaos Emerald to transform, or are the phases in Super Sonic will be recurring in the open world by Sonic Frontiers ?

We leave you to meditate on the question with the video of which the soundtrack is signed by One OK Rock with the title Vandalizeconfirmed to be the end credits by Sonic Frontiers. It’s literally the style of music you imagine when you think of Sonic…

As a reminder, Sonic Frontiers will be available November 8 on pcbrackets playstation, Xbox and even nintendo-switch.

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