Sonic Mania – codes, secrets and unlock extra modes

THE Sonic Mania has several unlockable features, from new techniques based on classic sonic, to new game modes. With this guide you will discover how to access all these secret features, codes and extra game modes, so get ready.

If Sonic Mania is your first game in this series, we recommend that you play at least some levels of the game, as you can find in this guide some information that can be considered spoilers.

In addition, we also have a guide that teaches you how to earn Chaos Emeralds and Gold Medals in UFO and Blue Spheres in Sonic Mania, as well as Tips and Tricks for newbies!

How to unlock Debug Mode, Super Peel Out and new techniques in Sonic Mania

When playing Mania mode you will unlock various techniques and skills, which you can see below. We still don’t know for sure what levels you have to pass to unlock a certain feature, but if you complete this mode, you should unlock the following features without any problem:

  • Sonic CD moves Super Peel-Out
  • Sonic 3 and K moves Insta-Shield
  • Debug Mode
  • And Knuckles

How to use codes and Super Peel Out in Sonic Mania

To use the alternative modes, And Knuckles and Debug, you have to enter Mania Mode and place the cursor over the “No Save” icon, which is on the right. Then click on the triangle, if you are playing on PS4 (Y on Xbox, X on Switch), and you will activate these options. These modes work as follows:

  • In “And Knuckles” mode you will be accompanied by a second character, Knuckles, even if you are playing with Knuckles.
  • To activate Debug you have to click on the triangle (Y on Xbox, X on Switch), and then use the jump buttons to interact with the options.
  • Sonic Mania’s technique is Drop Dash (keep clicking on the jump button when you are in the air); in Sonic CD you have to hold the UP key and then jump; in Sonic 3 click on the jump button when you are in the air.

Finally, there is level select, a feature that allows you to choose the level you want to play:

  • Level Select on Switch: go to the main menu, go back to the title screen, then press Y + B at the same time.
  • Level Select on PS4: select the No Save option in the right corner of the Mania Mode while you have active debug mode, then click on options, triangle and square.
  • Level Select on Xbox One: select the option No Save in the lower right corner of Mania Mode while you have active debug mode, click on the menu button, and finally press Y and X at the same time.

How to unlock new modes and extra secrets in Sonic Mania

After completing the first level of Sonic Mania you will unlock two options in the Main Menu, which provide you with more levels as you progress in Mania Mode:

  • Time Attack (timeout mode)
  • Competition (local split-screen mode based on Sonic 2)

On the other hand, if you go to the Extras menu you will find 3 unlockable features. These additional modes can be unlocked through the special “Blue Sphere” levels.

The good news is that you don’t need a gold medal to unlock these three extra features. If you collect at least 32 silver medals you will unlock the following contents:

  • Mean Bean (a Puyo Puyo-style mini game, which you can play against AI or against another player)
  • Blue Spheres (mini-game)
  • DA Garden (allows you to interact with the sounds of the game)

It is important to bear in mind that you do not need to unlock all medals in a single playthrough, as they are accumulated over all sessions.