In 2012, Sonos came to market its first subwoofer, named Sub. Quite bulky, this product is now in its third generation, sold at a price of 899 euros.

The strategy of the American company has been evolving for some time, however, focusing more on more affordable and compact solutions. Indeed, we were treated to the Sonos Ray soundbar in May 2022 (299 euros), and now the Sonos Sub Mini subwoofer (499 euros).

Announced earlier this week, the Sonos Sub Mini sports a cylindrical design (as suggested by rumors), equipped with two 15 cm speakers positioned face to face, thus limiting vibrations. Its format is intended to be quite compact, with dimensions of 230 x 305 x 305 mm and a weight of 6.35 kg.

For the audio part, we find two Class D digital amplifiers, a TruePlay calibration system and a customizable equalizer. Not surprisingly, the Sub Mini can be paired with other Sonos brand devices, or even Symfonisk.

Sonos introduces a more compact subwoofer at a (significantly) more affordable price

The wireless Sub Mini (only equipped with a power plug) has a cylindrical design and is, like most Sonos products, available in black or white. We haven’t yet been able to find out for ourselves how much bass the new speaker generates. But what we do know though is that the Sub Mini features two inward-facing woofers, a design intended to counteract hum and other sonic distortion.

true play

The purpose of a subwoofer is to pick up the lower frequencies, so that other connected speakers can focus on the mid and high frequencies. According to Sonos, the Sub Mini lends itself above all to a combination with a Beam or Ray (the audio brand’s medium and compact soundbars), although it is also perfectly possible to connect the device to one or more loudspeakers. Sonos One (SL) speakers.

Just like many other Sonos products, the Sub Mini can be fine-tuned with the company’s Trueplay technology. In doing so, the Sonos smartphone app measures speaker sound and reverberations through walls and furniture to generate the optimal settings for your room and setup.

Sonos adds Sub Mini to its lineup

A compact specimen, approximately 30 cm high and 23 cm in diameter, and cylindrical in shape, the wireless Sonos Sub Mini intended to accompany the Sonos One/Sonos One SL speakers (and even Symfonisk) or the Sonos Beam or Sonos Ray will easily find its place in any interior.

Sonos Sub Mini, main specifications

A less bulky and less expensive alternative to the Sonos Sub, the Sonos Sub Mini is designed for rooms with contained volume. This does not prevent it from displaying sophisticated specifications: dual 15.2 cm woofer and reproduction of low frequencies up to 25 hertz. Namely, the arrangement of the two loudspeakers directed towards the interior of the box creates an effect of cancellation of forces, therefore distortions.

The floor to Maxime Bouvat-Merlin, senior vice-president Hardware and Operations Sonos

“We have entered a more thoughtful streaming era that values ​​quality over quantity, with creators and platforms investing in immersive entertainment experiences that put superior sound quality first,” observes Maxime Bouvat-Merlin , senior vice president of hardware and operations at Sonos. The Sonos Sub Mini is a perfect addition to the Sonos family, expanding our home theater lineup so listeners can enjoy cinema-quality sound that makes them feel like the main character in their favorite content.”

Sonos Sub mini: the smaller and cheaper subwoofer is finally here!

The American audio specialist has unveiled one of the most anticipated products from its users: a compact subwoofer that is less expensive than the Sub.

The company of democratization of Sonos products is underway. After having multiplied the more accessible versions of its speakers and other sound bars (Sonos Roam or Ray, for example), the American manufacturer unveils one of the most awaited products from its users: a compact version of its subwoofer. bass, the aptly named Sub mini. Claimed for many years by the Sonos community, hoped for a few months following rather convincing rumors, the little sister of the Sub (Gen3) has finally come true.

The Sub mini comes in a rather original shape, a cylinder with a slit in its center, which contrasts with the stylistic flatness of many subwoofers. 23 cm wide and 30 cm high, the box is almost twice as compact as the original Sub and weighs 10 kg less on the scale (only 6.35 kg against 16 kg for the large version). From the point of view of construction, the architecture is the same as that of the Sub Gen3, namely a box integrating two transducers which face each other in its center. This process, known as “Force canceling”, is what allows Sonos to reproduce powerful bass while avoiding the phenomenon of acoustic distortion. Brandon Holley, Product Creation Leader at Sonos, whom we interviewed about the Sub mini, specifies that the product development team tested several different designs before finally returning to this architecture known to the house, but still original on the market. .

Compact, yes, but not low cost

The other will of the American brand concerning its new product concerns its connectivity. It not only had to be complete, but it also had to facilitate the installation of the Sub mini within an existing environment. As a result, Sonos’ “small” subwoofer works on 5 GHz Wi-Fi, but remains compatible with 2.4 GHz frequencies. As for the installation, it is done via the NFC chip hidden under the upper face of the product.

Just approach your smartphone for the Sonos application to launch and ask its user which set of speakers to connect the subwoofer to. The happy owners of iPhone or iPad will also be able to take advantage of a TruePlay Calibration which allows to refine the sound according to the configuration of the room in which the Sonos products are located. Users of Android products will have to… ask a friend who owns an iPhone to lend them the precious smartphone to hope for the same audio output.

The arrival of this Sub mini could delight some Sonos users insofar as they are no longer forced to pay 850 euros to upgrade their audio system. Indeed, like all the brand’s products, the advantage of the Sub mini is to be able to easily integrate an existing Sonos ecosystem. The American manufacturer also advises coupling the most compact of its subwoofers with its products intended for small spaces: Roam, One SL, Ray, essentially. For owners of Beam, Arc or other Play:5, logic would dictate that they turn to a classic Sub. Finally, it should be noted that the Sub mini also works with the Symfonisk range, sold at Ikea. The Sub mini is available for pre-order today. Its price is 499 euros. It will be officially marketed on October 6th.