When looking for a partner to build its structure for streaming gaming and to support games that use cloud technologies, Sony did not have rival Microsoft as its first option. Before opting for Azure, the Japanese company started negotiations with Amazon in this regard, but failed to reach a commercially viable agreement for both companies.

As Google is betting on its own system in this area – Stadia -, Sony ended up seeing Microsoft as its last option among the big names in the market to help build its infrastructure. Although the Japanese company has already invested in the area with PlayStation Now – which uses Amazon Web Services -, its current reach is too limited for it to be able to compete on the same scale as its competitors.

According to the Bloomberg report responsible for the negotiations, the decision to work with the owner of the Xbox came directly from the Sony headquarters, based in Tokyo. This means that the division responsible for the new PlayStation, which is essentially Western, received the news as a surprise, which required company management to calm down and reaffirm that the plans for the new console have not changed.

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