It will not be a monthly function

Last week we announced the new voting system to choose one of the new games of PlayStation+. This morning Sony He has explained it with hair and signs through his blog. Pay attention because the thing promises:

We at PlayStation always listen to your feedback and are working really hard to make your requests and suggestions come true. So I am very pleased with a new feature in PlayStation Plus that will literally leave the choice in your hands: Vote Your Games.

Through this new feature, we are asking PlayStation Plus members to vote on one of the unreleased PS4 games that will be included in the games catalog for the coming months. The game that receives the most votes will automatically be included in one of our future PS Plus game updates. But don’t worry if the game of your choice doesn’t make the cut. You will be able to acquire the finalists with an exclusive discount for PlayStation Plus members.

To clarify, Vote Your Games will not be a monthly feature, but it will take place at regular intervals throughout the year. We are delighted to hear from our members, and we are really excited to launch this exclusive new feature. We hope you enjoy it! Soon we will offer you more details on when the voting will begin, which titles will be part of it, and how you can cast your vote.

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