While the Xbox has been begging for the Football Manager series to be available on its consoles for years, Sony wasn’t open to the idea.

It turned out that the Football Manager series has mostly only blessed PCs over the years, and then a few years ago, Sports Interactive brought it in the form of the Touch release for iOS, Android, and then Switch. Another important milestone will be reached this year: Football Manager 2021, which will be available for PC on November 24, will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles a little later, and even thanks to Play Anywhere support, you can buy it from the Xbox Store once, and we can spin freely on PC or Xbox machines.

Many have wondered why the game will not be ready for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 when its coverage is already so high. Miles Jacobson, head of the series, said honestly that while those in charge of Microsoft’s video player division have been asking for them for years (which is why both the FM19 and FM20 were previously included in the Game Pass), Sony has not shown any openness.

It’s not just an insult: the team couldn’t get a development kit either, despite contacting Sony in vain, and even if they managed to get a PS5 dev kit, it would still take years to develop, so the FM21 certainly can’t be ready for the platform anymore. . All Jacobson added was that he managed to get dev kits for the PSP and PS Vita, but here they slipped to the bottom of the priority list due to limited inventory.

Incidentally, Nintendo was also not approached by Sports Interactive, but vice versa. It’s not out of the question that in a few years, PlayStation owners will also be able to manage Football, but for now, the experience has to look elsewhere.