Sony says E3 ‘lost impact’ and speaks at ‘Destination’ event this month

For a long time in silence after announcing that it would not be at E3 2019, Sony finally spoke a little more about his absence from the biggest gaming event in the world and gave some clues on how he will behave in the future. Shawn Layden, leader of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said, in an interview with CNET published last Monday (11), that the fair “lost impact” and suggested some ways that the organization could take from now on.

“It was an event for retailers and journalists. There was no internet to boast about everything. It was a more commercial event, and it was exactly what we needed for this nascent industry. (…) Retail has jumped out, and now, with journalists , with the internet and the fact that there is news about games 24/7, lost the impact around that “, pondered the executive.

In the same conversation, Layden spoke at an event called “Destination PlayStation”, which takes place in February and brings together “all retailers and third-party partners to hear the plan for the year”. The boss said that “sales talks” are held in February and that June, when E3 takes place, is “just too late to have conversations about Christmas season with shopkeepers”.

The spokesman for the brand concluded that the “commercial event” has lost much of its “commercial activity”. “The world has changed, but E3 has not necessarily changed with it,” he said.

Specifically about this year’s E3, Layden said that Sony “would have nothing drastic to announce until June” and that, therefore, “it would make sense to skip the event”.

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