Soon you will be able to install the wheels of almost 500 euros of the Mac Pro that you could not until now

Since its release, the Mac Pro, considered the most powerful computer ever designed, has been the protagonist of hundreds of challenges, controversies and undoubtedly comparisons for the more than 60,000 euros that it would cost to put it together completely, offering perfection in all aspects. Without a doubt, it is a team that has everything we can ask for and more.

Thus, the corresponding accessories have not been less protagonists when it comes to detailing everything that comes with this equipment. These include $ 400 wheels, which, as confirmed through a whitepaper published by Apple, will eventually be available as a separate purchase and with specifications to be assembled by the users themselves.

Apple has said that users themselves will be able to install the wheels of the Mac Pro

In addition to the availability of the wheels, another curious fact has been added by Apple analyst Stephen Hackett, who detailed in Apple’s technical report, that there are additional details on the process of adding wheels to the Mac Pro. Apple says that owners of this computer will eventually be able to purchase feet and wheels in the form of customer-installable kits:

… Wheels are a configurable option. Both feet and wheels are available as a customer-installable kit and can therefore be converted from feet to wheels or vice versa.

To date it is still unknown when they will be available for independent purchase the sets of feet and wheels. Apple has also not detailed how much either kit will cost. For now, Apple has simply said that “some options may have delayed availability” and tells Mac Pro owners to “check Apple’s online store for current availability.”

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