Spider-Man Miles Morales: All Postcards, where to find them, how to unlock them and clues – guide

In Spider-Man Miles Morales, the postcard challenge is practically the final test of the game, available only after finishing the campaign.

It is a set of challenges that require you to visit the most iconic places in the city based only on a series of clues, and then have to find the exact locations to reach for yourself. On this page we will see how and where to find all the postcards and also how to unlock this sort of final challenge.

In this page:

The location of all postcards and clues:

Postcards and how to unlock them in Spider Man Miles Morales

The Postcard Challenge Set will only be available after finishing the main game campaign.

Before you can unlock them, however, you’ll have to go back to Miles’ house and go to sleep in his bed, a bit like what happened in God of War with Kratos.

This will give you access to a particular secondary mission that will end once you regain control of Miles.

This challenge requires you to use the clues written on postcards scattered around the corners of Manhattan to discover the final destination, and they must be deciphered from time to time to obtain the exact location of the next postcard.

There are eight postcards in total, and getting them all will give you access to a Miles trophy and costume.

Upper West Side

You have to get to the natural history museum.

The exact location is the statue of the four men holding up the globe, where you will find the next postcard.

Empire State Building

Go now to the most famous skyscraper in New York.

The exact location is the viewing platform on top of the building: you have to look for a broken telescope with the postcard at its foot.


The postcard is in the Greenwich Museum of Modern Art.

First you need to reach the balcony above the museum entrance.

Now, get close to the fossil, and jump into the display and you’ll find the postcard on top.

Finalcial District

Look for the CODB building in the Financial District.

It is located right above one of the speakers next to the door.

Climb the wall and grab it.


For this postcard, go to the heart of Chinatown.

The postcard is linked to the restaurant that makes lobsters, specifically it is in the advertising mechanical lobster queue at the top.

Upper East Side

Go to the Upper East Side, the upper right area of ​​Manhattan.

Once you have reached the marked location, you will find the postcard on a post office box near the castle-like building.


You have to go to the basketball court not far from Miles’ apartment.

The postcard, in fact, is stuck to one of the poles that support the baskets of the pitch.

And with this you are done! Now you have completed the final Spider-Man Miles Morales challenge too! Do you feel complete?

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