Spider-Man Miles Morales: How to unlock all Costumes and complete list of Mods – guide

There is a large variety of Spider-Man Costumes that Miles Morales can wear in the new Imsoniac title, and as per tradition they are all beautiful.

Each costume unlocks differently, but once you get it you can wear it at any time; you may also earn new costume mods and viewers once the main collection item is unlocked.

Some of the costumes can be built through the crafting system once you reach the right level, and to do this you will need activity tokens and components, items that are scattered around the game world.

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How Costumes work in Spider-Man Miles Morales

Most of the Costumes allow you to simply swing in style between the skyscrapers of Manhattan, but some of them also feature unique changes to the suit capable of affecting combat as well as heavy boosts in certain characteristics of Miles.

You can unlock Costumes in several ways, such as completing specific side missions, or some main missions. Once you have unlocked the suit, you can change it at any time through the Costumes menu in the main menu.

To unlock the menu dedicated to Costumes, just play for about half an hour, until the completion of the Farewell Gift mission, and after the meeting in Central Park you can finally change your clothes.

The Costumes menu not only allows you to change appearance, but also to set and replace the Costume mods and those on the viewer, which can be very useful in combat.

Complete list of Costumes and how to unlock them

The important thing to keep in mind is that once you have unlocked a Mod, you can use it on all suits, so you should unlock as many as possible to set up your Miles Morales the way you like.

Costume Mod How to Unlock
Sports Costume N / A Miles’ starting suit
Great Responsibilities N / A Complete the main mission Farewell Gift
Improvised Costume Increases damage dealt by thrown items. Level 5
8 activity tokens
1 Components
CHRONO Costume Reduces damage taken from a distance by 25% Level 6
10 activity tokens
1 Components
Animated Costume Enemies take longer to break webs Level 7
20 Activity Tokens
4 Components
Brooklyn Visions costume Get Venom charged up by doing tricks between skyscrapers Level 8
12 Activity Tokens
1 Tech Part
Scarlet Hood Costume In cloak prevents enemies from hearing web attack takedowns Level 9
14 Activity Tokens
2 Components
EMPIREO costume Venom charge increases as health decreases Level 10
16 Activity Tokens
2 Components
The End Costume You do not consume Concealment when standing still Level 11
16 Activity Tokens
2 Components
Miles Morales 2099 costume Venom Roxxon suppression lasts less, you can free yourself from Bolas with Concealment Level 12
14 Activity Tokens
3 Components
Costume A New Universe Apply the original animations from the movie “A New Universe” to Miles Morales
Displays comic-style visual effects (Bam! Pow! Wham!) As you attack enemies
Level 13
18 Activity Tokens
4 Components
Classic Costume Zap Slap (Suit Mod) – Create a shockwave by destroying the weapons of the Underground. Complete the Political Struggle mission
Harlem Pride Costume N / A Complete all Spider-App activities
Winter Costume N / A Complete the Side Mission We Have a Track!
Miles Morales 2020 costume N / A Complete all Training Challenges
Complete the Final Trial side mission
Programmable Materia Costume N / A Complete all Underground Hideouts
Complete all Roxxon Labs
Complete the Favorite Matter side mission
Purple Dominion Costume Grants Gadget Ammo after taking out an enemy in stealrh. Collect all Audio Samples
Complete the Back to Origins side mission
Cat in the Sack Costume N / A Finish the main story
Complete the Cat’s Pajamas side mission
Spider-Workout Costume You can convert the Cloaking charge into a Venom Charge Unlocked in New Game +
20 Activity Tokens
1 Tech Part

How to get Activity Tokens and Components

If you want to build many of the costumes, you will need to complete side tasks to get activity tokens and components. Here’s where to find them.

Activity Tokens

  • Spider App Activity
  • Secondary Missions
  • Spider-Workout
  • Audio Samples
  • Time Capsules
  • Roxxon Laboratories
  • Common crimes around Manhattan


  • Underground speakers
  • Roxxon Laboratories
  • Underground hideouts
  • By opening the crates of Components found in the main mission

These pieces are also used to upgrade gadgets, mods, suits and armor visors.

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