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Spider-Man Miles Morales Trophy List: How to unlock all hidden Trophies and get Platinum

Spider-Man Miles Morales Trophy List: How to unlock all hidden Trophies and get Platinum

Spider Man Miles Morales presents a list of 50 Trophies for PS4 and PS5, as per tradition divided according to an order of rarity and the obtaining of which is underlying the completion of both the main story and secondary activities.

In this guide we will see the complete list of trophies and we will analyze in detail the hidden ones, in order to help you get the Platinum in the fastest and painless way possible. For obvious reasons, we have excluded the story-related trophies from the guide, because just finishing the main campaign to get them all despite appearing as hidden.

In this page:

Spider-Man Miles Morales Trophy List

Putting aside story-related Trophies, there are 29 Trophies in total to unlock in Spider-Man Miles Morales

Here is the complete list of Trophies:

Trophy How to unlock it Rarity
be yourself Collect all trophies Platinum
Just the beginning Unlock all skills Gold
A new home 100% complete all districts Gold
Urban explorer Collect all the time capsules Silver
Road of memory Collect all postcards Collect all postcards Silver
Looter Open all underground supplies Silver
Ready for everything Obtain all Costumes Silver
Never Saw It Coming Complete an enemy base without being detected Silver
100x Combo !!! Perform a 100x Combo without ever breaking it Silver
Kitbash Build 10 improvements Bronze
From above Perform 25 ceiling felling Bronze
Wall climber Perform 25 wall kills Bronze
Invisible Spider Kill 50 enemies using cloaking Bronze
Supercharge Kill 100 enemies with Venom attacks Bronze
Up and Over Use a Venom Jump and Venom Dash on the same enemy Bronze
From Downtown Use a grounded Venom Dash to throw an enemy and hit at least 3 others Bronze
Like a rhinoceros in a glass shop Crash with Rhino in at least 15 items during the first story mission Bronze
Best fries in town Visit the Stan Lee statue west of Central Park Bronze
JJJ would be proud Use a sticker and custom lighting in Photo Mode Bronze
Trapped Defeat 50 enemies using mines Bronze
Five star review Complete all requests for the Spider-App Bronze
Modda that Costume Build a Costume Mod Bronze
See with better eyes Build a Viewer Mod Bronze
Never give up Find Jefferson Davis ‘grave at Harlem Cemetery near Miles’ home Bronze
Master of Crime Complete all bonus objectives for all sorts of ongoing crimes Bronze
You can’t hide Perform 100 stealth takedowns Bronze
I’m on a boat Climb aboard the boat with the hideous characters south of Chinatown Bronze
Socially acceptable Read all social networks after finishing the campaign Bronze
More more Complete the game in New Game + mode Bronze

Miles Morales’ hidden trophies and how to get them

In total there are 10 non-story-related hidden Trophies to be obtained in Miles Morales.

Here’s the full list:

Trophy How to unlock Rarity
Under their noses Complete all Roxxon Labs Silver
Underground Dismantled Complete all Underground Hideouts Silver
Come to the King Complete side missions related to the Harlem crime plot Silver
Launch, swing and dive Get a spectacular medal or better in a Mobility Challenge Bronze
Beating Pixel Get spectacular or better in a Combat Challenge Bronze
Avoiding the lights Get spectacular or better in a Concealment Challenge Bronze
Spider Workout: Completed Complete all Challenges Bronze
Pete’s first enemy Complete the available Final Trial after completing all challenges Bronze
Deep cuts Collect all Audio Samples Silver
Competitive Spirit Defeat Phin in the Missile Launch minigame Bronze

The Spider Man Miles Morales Guide: