• District: Greenwich
  • Reward: 1500 XP

Description: Tombstone is watching something … I need to find out what.

Go to Octavius’s laboratory and repair the tracking device that you got from MJ.

Riddle: Repair the direction finder

The circuit must have a target voltage of 5 points at the end. In the following we will show you how you can reach yourself. But first of all to the starting point:

It should be 5 points at the end and you have two +3 point pieces, one +1 point piece as well as +1 and +2 each. You can use two “+” parts and one “-” part. So you only get 5 if you use +3 points twice and -1 point once.

The corner piece up, two fields above the green starting field, is determined what the rough route already specifies if you really want to go through all the tension-changing fields. The following first step follows from this information:

The rest is basically a matter of form. Use the pieces as follows and the puzzle is solved in no time.

Then you leave the laboratory because it is time for a test. Swing towards the signal and orient yourself using the sensor on the top left, which indicates the approximate direction. As soon as you get to about 150 meters, you will hear screeching tires. It’s a truck. Use a triangle to pull you onto the roof, whereupon Spidey automatically stops the truck. All you have to do is hammer the square button.

Then a number of bikers get out and you beat them up. The best way to start the fight is to staple the first attackers directly to the truck with impact nets.

Then open the hold and you will find some chemicals or the remains of them. The containers allow conclusions to be drawn about the place of origin of the barrels: The Alchemax factory in Harlem. Spider-Man now has to find out what Tombstone is planning and what he needs these chemicals for.

Afterwards you can tackle the next sidequest straight away: Tombstone – What is he building in there.

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