Spintires with the new DLC, the developers are competing with SnowRunner

Despite being over six years old, Spintires is still in development.

SnowRunner is currently focusing the attention of fans of off-road truck simulators, but in the meantime, Spintires, the game that started this cycle, is also developing very nicely. Production received just a big update and paid DLC.

The supplement was named SHERP Ural Challenge and you can buy it on Steam for PLN 14.49. It introduces two new vehicles to the game in the form of N 4X4 ATV and ARK 10×10 ATV from the title manufacturer. The DLC also offers an additional map, modeled on Jugyd Wa, the largest Russian national park, located in areas classified as the so-called North Urals.

Update 1.6.0 debuted with the DLC release, bringing many improvements to the base game. The patch introduces much more realistic interactions with water and a completely new system that simulates mud physics.

The patch also added CTIS technology to machine parts, allowing the driver to control the air pressure in individual wheels. There have also been a number of changes to vehicle control and behavior systems. The appearance of some textures and the rain effect has also been improved. In addition, many technical errors have been removed.

We would like to remind you that Spintires was released in 2014 and is available only on PC. Oovee Games then licensed Focus Home Interactive, thanks to which the Saber Interactive team produced Spintires: MudRunner and this year’s SnowRunner for this publisher.

Oovee Games, on the other hand, focused on improving the original Spintires. Last year, i.a. The big update 1.3.3, which introduced new vehicles and the weather system, and in November we received the paid Chernobyl add-on, offering a map showing the deserted zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

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