May 25-31. You won’t even get bored if you follow the Game Pass Online Festival!

The Game Pass Online Festival started on May 4th, and since then you have been able to see video player streams, concerts, or even conversations on our YouTube channel every night. There will also be a party in the last week of the month, with both returners and new videographers.

The show Paplovag It starts with a stream from Bleeding Edge on Monday night at 7pm and then the next day ZsDav and Gergő Jánosik they are trying to get it that day and will be included in the Xbox Game Pass offerings immediately Minecraft Dungeonsre. On Wednesday, the first week is still trying to make ends meet with Overcooked 2 Viszkok Fruzsi and Attila Csecse they will play the Human Fall Flat and the last gameplay stream of the week Video game Zsolti, That and Sirius transported by those who will be adventuring in the Sea of ​​Thieves.

This week’s concert is Ivan & The Parazol then on Saturday Ferenc Bálint, Péter Felméri and Dániel Mogács will talk to Imimi Kiss about what the situation is like now, and finally Checkpoint ‘s fourth live broadcast with the future of video games will star.

Today, however, it will be worth sticking to the screens because of the third Checkpoint, with Stöki, Grath, mazur, HP and Sasa recalling the best Xbox games with ease. You can follow the broadcasts on the SamaGame YouTube channel or on the Xbox Hungary Facebook page every day from 19:00. Don’t miss it!

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