Star Trek Bridge Crew: New Expansion The Next Generation Announced

With The Next Generation, Ubisoft has announced an expansion for Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

It will be released on May 22nd for PlayStation VR and can also be played without VR functionality. Starting July 21, it will be available for gamers with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality support, as well as for non-VR gamers on PC.

As the name suggests, you take command of a Galaxy-class spaceship, more precisely the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D.

With “Patrol” and “Resistance”, two new types of missions also come into play. In patrol mode, you explore space freely and receive random encounters and targets.

In resistance mode you will deal with the Borg. Your task is to evade a Borg cube that is chasing you. In doing so, you fulfill a number of goals before confrontation occurs in the end.

With PlayStation VR you go on the virtual bridge of the Enterprise. (

In addition, the Enterprise-D will introduce a new command role, Ops, which will focus on crew management. The Ops crew must plan ahead and assign the correct NPC teams to each location on the ship, as each position is critical to the Success of the various missions and for the safety of the crew is “it says.