Star Trek Online: Season 13 release date confirmed for PC

Perfect World has announced season 13 for the PC version of Star Trek Online.

It begins on April 25th with the release of a new update for the consoles “at a later date”.

“Season 13 – Escalation sends the players on a journey to investigate the origins of the once isolated Lukari. Just as they learn more about their past, they have to face a new Tzenkethi fleet,” it says.

In addition, the new maneuver system awaits you. Two five-person teams compete against each other on the ground or in space for a PvE competition.

“In order to select players with the same skills, the new system of player potential will be introduced. The maneuvering system will also receive a new call faction, which will offer class-specific equipment for the first time. Captains can use the new equipment of all classes or specialize.”

In addition, ground and space combat have been “completely redesigned” to prevent players from making wrong decisions when choosing their skills or equipment.