Star Wars Battlefront 2 | Politician calls casino game to attract children

The government of Belgium, launched a investigation on the functioning of loot boxes in electronic games. The Belgian Gaming Commission has come to the conclusion that these boxes fall into the category of gambling and want banish them. The country’s Minister of Justice, Koen Geens, stated that “mixing games of chance and games, especially at a younger age, is dangerous to a child’s mental health”.

The Minister states that he does not want only the ban on loot boxes, but any type of in-game transaction that involves exchanging money for something uncertain, that is, something that the player does not know if it will be good or not.

After this announcement from Belgium, a politician from Hawaii, Chris Lee, made a new direct attack on the game Star Wars Battlefront 2, where he states that Electronic Arts it is acting predatorily towards its consumers.

“This game is a Star Wars online casino designed to convince kids to spend money; it’s a trap. This is something we need to deal with to ensure that certain children who are minors, who are not psychologically and emotionally mature enough to be able to gamble – which is why gambling is prohibited for minors under 21 – are protected from being arrested for these cycles that convinced many people to spend thousands of dollars on online gaming fees, ”said Lee.

The official said he would look for legal ways to prevent loot boxes from being sold to children and start a process for them to be banned permanently. He also said he would use his influence to get other members of the United States Democratic Party to adopt similar stances.

“We do not allow Joe Cammel to encourage children to smoke cigarettes and we must not allow Star Wars to encourage them to gamble”

“We are investigating legislation for the coming year that may prohibit the sale of these games to minors to protect their families, as well as the ban on different types of mechanisms in these games,” he said. “This is a triple-A game that was launched by the largest game studio in the world, with the most famous intellectual property in the world connected to it, and is sold mainly to children.”