Star Wars Battlefront: as Rogue Squadron – try

Colony – What you do not expect from a first person shooter is that you enter as a sideline a multiplayer mode based not on the classic battles between infantry and armored vehicles, but on aerial combat.

Since the game in question is set in the Star Wars universe, these aerial fights immediately took on the features of a clash between X-Wing, the base ships of the Resistance, and TIE Fighter, the typical aircraft of the empire.

Thanks to the care with which DICE is translating the Star Wars universe into a video game, it only took a few moments with the pad in hand to make us feel inside one of the many space fights of the saga. This is thanks to the fact that the Swedish developers have decided to abandon the complex control system of the airplanes and helicopters of Battlefield in favor of a fresher and more spectacular approach, more suited to what in the collective imagination is a clash between X-Wing. and TIE Fighter.

The details of Star Wars Battlefront are truly impressive.

In Star Wars BattlefrontIn fact, the clashes are frenetic and fast, with the spaceships that do not have to respond to strict physical laws, but can perform in tight turns, quick evasion maneuvers or launch in pursuit of enemies at insane speeds.

This is also possible thanks to much wider battlefields than in Battlefield, developed on three dimensions. Only near the surface of the planets will you encounter obstacles and bottlenecks, which, however, can be used as a shelter or to escape from pursuers.

During the clashes the battlefield may be invaded by a blanket of smoke, also to be used in a tactical way to organize an ambush for some enemy or on the contrary to make them lose their tracks.

The great maneuverability of the X-Wing and TIE Fighter allows for frenetic and spectacular clashes, in which the best pilots will be those able to frame an opponent in the viewfinder for long enough to allow the automatic aiming system to lock it. Afterwards, a few well-aimed laser shots will be enough to bring it down.

Do we need to add more?

Because of this speed, the controls must also be simple, so as to accommodate the frenetic pace of the game. In addition to the classic lasers that will overheat if used for too long, you will have a sort of turbo available to escape from enemies in the queue or to quickly approach a target and a homing missile, which will automatically hit the opponent framed in your viewfinder.

In addition to this, it will simply be a question of controlling the spacecraft using the normal analog sticks and learning how to use the directional cross, since this will govern a rather effective evasive system of maneuvers.

And then?

And then enough, everything will be put in the hands of the pilots who will have to be good at juggling the many aircraft on the screen. Only 20 of these, however, will be controlled by the players, ten for each faction, with the other means piloted by artificial intelligence. A system rather similar to that of Titanfall.

The speed of the gameplay, moreover, will not allow you to easily distinguish a human pilot from an artificial one, thus making each battle full of participants and spectacular, while not involving a particularly high number of people.

At regular intervals, special events will appear in the game to complete to obtain additional points for your team, such as taking down an enemy means of transport that transforms, by reversing its sides, to escort a VIP across the battlefield.

If certain conditions are met, even the Millenium Falcon on one side and Boba Fett’s ship on the other, or hyper-enhanced versions of the normal spacecraft, could appear. In the right hands, these two Star Wars icons might be able to turn the tide of a game. It’s a game mechanic that might be reminiscent of one that allows, for example, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader to participate in Battlefront battles, to the delight and delight of all Star Wars fans out there.

What is most evident from each new detail is the fidelity with which every aspect of Star Wars Battlefront was created. The DICE game really does everything to replicate the atmospheres and sensations typical of the classic trilogy through a study and a maniacal reproduction of the most famous sounds and objects and means of Lucas’s films.

This new piece of the puzzle that will form Star Wars Battlefront therefore it seems to fit perfectly inside the package made by DICE. A product that we believe is gradually managing to get rid of the “Battlefield on Star Wars” label.

The Millennium Falcon could suddenly appear on the battlefield turning the tide of the encounter.

In fact, Fighter Squadron might look more like a Rogue Squadron or an X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter rather than a fight with Battlefield planes, thus succeeding both in the objective of giving greater variety to the whole game, and in potentially conquering the fans of other historical brands linked to the videogame universe of Star Wars.

As usually happens in these cases, we refer to a definitive judgment in the coming weeks, when the EA game will surely return to show itself, progressively revealing the latest arrows hidden in its quiver.

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