If you want to travel at the speed of light within the solar system, now is your chance.

The age of Star Wars: Skywalker is still running in cinemas now, giving plenty of developers a chance to treat their users with a little easter sky. Google prefers to incorporate surprises into its features anyway, and now Google Maps has been tossed up a bit so we can bounce like Han Solo into the solar system.

If you, too, want to bring the speed of light from the far-far galaxy to ours, all you have to do is open Google Maps in the search engine and set it to satellite view. Then, if you zoom out completely with the minus sign in the lower right corner or the scroll wheel, after a while a list of planets and moons in the Solar System will appear on the left, from which you can just click on it and the map will already switch to speed of light.

New animation when switching between Planets in Google Maps: from r / google

The feature is currently only available in the viewfinder, so we couldn’t fly between planets in the mobile app. It is extra interesting that if you roam towards Pluto, it is worth looking around among the highlights on it, as some of its formations were named after the creatures of Tolkien.