Now that the director’s version of The League of Truth is finally really being made, film fans have begun to demand new releases and sequels of the forgotten gems of other franchises.

The League of Truth will eventually really get the Snyder version, and many are hoping that a “Ayer version” can be born from the Suicide Squadron as well. Among the big campaigns, a new fan base has emerged who, surprisingly, are just asking for and even demanding the continuation of Solo: A Star Wars story. This Star Wars spin-off movie didn’t perform very well in cinemas anyway, so so far there has been no chance of a next episode.

Thousands have started begging Disney to give a green light to a new Solo project, as they think the first movie was an absolutely good adventure film and want to see its characters on the screen again.

Like the Millennium Falcon itself, Solo has it where it counts. Spirited, charming, and with more than one trick up its sleeve, you should never count it out!

For Han, Chewie, Lando, Qi’ra, Maul, and Enfys … for all the scoundrels and rebels of the Galaxy … # MakeSolo2Happen

– Jared Kozal (@jkozal) May 25, 2020

Recently, even the artist responsible for the posters of the original cinema joined the campaign.

Solo came out 2 years ago. I really enjoyed it a lot. A great romp of a Star Wars movie. I also got to make a couple of official posters for it on release. I’d love to see more adventures, perfect for a Disney + adventure show.

– Matt Ferguson (@Cakes_Comics) May 25, 2020

And one of the fans dressed her whole family for a cute little campaign photo.

Our family is ready to #MakeSolo2Happen, are you?

– Adam Odle (@OdleAdam) May 25, 2020

Solo generated a total of $ 392 million at ticket offices, which is much lower than expected given the 250 million manufacturing cost. After the film, Disney reevaluated its previous strategy and began to focus on Disney + series instead of spin-off movies. Who knows, it may be that the fan campaign will give the heads a better insight, although there are no more serious hopes for that.

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